Friday, February 5, 2010

Two weeks up in flames

Ah the joys of being an amateur athlete. See there is this thing that real adults with spouses and kids have to do on a large part of our week. It is called work. Well, last week work blew up. I was required to log in so many late nights that I was too tired to get up for my morning runs. As I said in my last post running on the track at the Y was too much to bother with, and it wouldn't have mattered as I was getting home well after they closed. So, that was last week. This week started off pretty good, I was going to "re-do" the fifth week, as I didn't finish the fifth week, so... I went up on Sunday and did a nice solid run. Then Tuesday hits...real sore throat, oh good, tonsillitis. I need to sleep that extra hour today, plus I was REALLY tired. So I thought that I would push it off until Wednesday, so come Wednesday morning, well actually about 3 am after not being able to sleep at all due to it hurting so bad to swallow that it kept me up all night. Not going to work or run. Damn. Thursday the Mrs. forces me to go to the Dr.s. Ahh, Strep-throat. Here is the Vicodin to help you sleep and the Penicillin to kill the bugs. Gee, what a way to get ready for a 5K. Like I said, the joys of being an amateur. And there is always next week. I will re-re-start week 5 on Sunday, after another day's proper sleep and get some more time with the antibiotics. I will look forward to killing that week, and getting onto week 6.

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