Saturday, November 23, 2013

Early New Year's Challenge!

Well, it has been a while...and with the new year rapidly approaching, I think that I have a great idea to both increase my running and perhaps even increase the traffic here.  Not that getting a lot of people checking me out is that important, but I have seen a little thing of Facebook and a couple of other places that intrigued me.  It is this:

So, this brings me to my thought….this is for AVERAGE Americans...but what about “us”?  I am going to track every beer I drink over the next year, and add that to the mileage tracking that I already do.  And to make the data even MORE fun, who would be willing to contribute their own data to the pool?  I think we could put together a large enough data pool to create a worthwhile picture of what runners get per gallon of beer.  We might need to add in wine as well for some of our more grape-based runners, but that would be up to them to decide that.

Who is in?  I am going to start on Jan. 1 2014 and track every beer until Dec. 31, 2014 and publish my results both within a week of that.  I will post weekly updates and hopefully get a picture of how things are going.  I would love for there to be some crazy ultra-runners and tri-ers involved as well.


PS.  With as much running as I have been doing, I would be happy with 1 mile per gallon.  Let’s see if I can’t get better than a Prius.