Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tempo run completed

Not really sure I would chalk this one up to the success column, but I did run the 4 miles in the middle faster than I did the two on the ends.  I did my normal 5 mile loop, and added one on the beginning for the warm-up.  As I was getting to the "starting point" I pulled out my cell phone (its buttons are easier to hit on the fly than my $10 watch's) and kicked up the speed a bit.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Not really liking the weights

I had signed up for ActivTrax at my YMCA a while ago, with the intent of getting some upper body work in.  Since I'm kinda good on the lower body part.  I still chuckle when they ask me about my cardio workouts.  Anyway, I signed up for it, and it is kinda cool.  It is like SmartCoach for weights.  Not sure where all it is available, but the system is Free (my favorite price for stuff like this) and it gives you a list of exercises, what weights to use, and how many reps to do.  Kinda easy to follow.  On the web-site there are even instructions with a little looping video, so if you aren't sure what exactly a 90 degree side oblique crunch is or how to do it, you can see.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two, Two, Two PR's in One (blog entry that is)

So, it has been a bit of an eventful 30 days or so. March 13 was the Shamrock Run in Portland.  Last year was fun, going out for a little run with 21,000 other people.  This year, they bumped it up to 30,000 people running.  It was my first 15K, so no stress on beating a time for a PR, it was an automatic.  Then just a bit under a month later, I ran a lovely little marathon.  It was an inaugural event that drew a bit under 200 people to run it, including some guy who flies all over America to run in small local races to win them.  Granted the guy has run 3 marathons in sub-3 hours three weeks running, but really, get a life guy, go pony for the big races and learn some humility.  So.....on to the reports.

This is REALLY long...pack a lunch.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Post Coming Soon

I don't have a trailer for it, but I promise there will be a fully qualified High Definition 1080P post up before Easter.