Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fleas On My Dog!!!

I "wrote" new words for that song.  My girls love it.

     Fleas on my dog
     Fleas on my dog
     Fleas on my dog, they make him itch and bite and scratch.
     Fleas on my dog
     Fleas on my dog
     Fleas on my dog, they make him itch and bite and scratch.
     I want to give my dog a flea-bath
     I want to give my dog a flea-bath
     I want to give my dog a flea-bath; so that he won't itch and scratch.

Like I said, the girls love it.  I got in two runs in the last week, feeling studly...NOT!  But it is a start.  I am finished with my holiday, the girls and I celebrated the Yule on Saturday, and had a lovely stew and opened presents and in general made merry.  They are with their mum today and tomorrow, so this works out well for all of us.  I am beginning to make up my spreadsheet to track my beer and running, so look for weekly and monthly MPG reports soon.  Right now I'm at about 1 GPM.  I feel like an old Chevy.  I am looking at getting up to at least Versa mileage.  We'll see.

Keeping this one quick and fun, and I hope that all of you (all three) don't read this until Thursday and that you have spent the next 36 hours or more with your loved ones and are home -- at least in spirit--for the holiday.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Early New Year's Challenge!

Well, it has been a while...and with the new year rapidly approaching, I think that I have a great idea to both increase my running and perhaps even increase the traffic here.  Not that getting a lot of people checking me out is that important, but I have seen a little thing of Facebook and a couple of other places that intrigued me.  It is this:

So, this brings me to my thought….this is for AVERAGE Americans...but what about “us”?  I am going to track every beer I drink over the next year, and add that to the mileage tracking that I already do.  And to make the data even MORE fun, who would be willing to contribute their own data to the pool?  I think we could put together a large enough data pool to create a worthwhile picture of what runners get per gallon of beer.  We might need to add in wine as well for some of our more grape-based runners, but that would be up to them to decide that.

Who is in?  I am going to start on Jan. 1 2014 and track every beer until Dec. 31, 2014 and publish my results both within a week of that.  I will post weekly updates and hopefully get a picture of how things are going.  I would love for there to be some crazy ultra-runners and tri-ers involved as well.


PS.  With as much running as I have been doing, I would be happy with 1 mile per gallon.  Let’s see if I can’t get better than a Prius.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Been busy....but in a good way

So life took a small turn that was completely unexpected.  I won't go into the details yet, it is still new and I don't want to jinx it by talking too much about it.  But it is fantastic and wondrous.

I have found that running took a backseat to life for the last fortnight, but I will begin afresh and anew this week.  I have been happier the last two weeks than I have been in a long time, so much so that others have even noticed it.  So, the changes I have made, and continue to make, are clearly working.

I have been reading more, and that is a good thing too.  Nothing too cerebral, but it is nice to "escape" from the world for a couple of hours.

I will be back here more oft, I feel the need to write again...so while this post is particularly short and of little substance, know that I will be back boring you all three of you to tears again soon.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Fall! And a new beginning.....

Well this kinda says it all....

Many look at this season as the END of things.  And I used to joke myself, that I liked Fall the best because "everything dies".  But the truth is quite the opposite.  When do the plants drop their seeds?  When you are out, look on the ground, the Fall is when all those acorns get gathered by the squirrels.  It is the time to gather up, take stock and begin planning for the winter.  For me, the Fall has always been the "start of the new year" with school and my birthday being relatively close together.  So, as the song says, it is time to turn the page on what was, and begin to take stock and start anew.

This place was once my solace and refuge, now I think I shall call this place my alchemists notebook.  The thing I am going to change from base to gold is not some cheap metal (though given the scarcity of hunting ammo, lead may actually be more valuable than gold) but, in fact, myself.  I have much work to do, and all the time in the world.  I need to tap into my patience and my perfectionist's spirit and keep in mind that even Rome wasn't sacked in a day.

Cheers, until tomorrow.  Oh, I suppose I should tell you I ran, 3 miles at a blistering 11:37 pace.