Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Fall! And a new beginning.....

Well this kinda says it all....

Many look at this season as the END of things.  And I used to joke myself, that I liked Fall the best because "everything dies".  But the truth is quite the opposite.  When do the plants drop their seeds?  When you are out, look on the ground, the Fall is when all those acorns get gathered by the squirrels.  It is the time to gather up, take stock and begin planning for the winter.  For me, the Fall has always been the "start of the new year" with school and my birthday being relatively close together.  So, as the song says, it is time to turn the page on what was, and begin to take stock and start anew.

This place was once my solace and refuge, now I think I shall call this place my alchemists notebook.  The thing I am going to change from base to gold is not some cheap metal (though given the scarcity of hunting ammo, lead may actually be more valuable than gold) but, in fact, myself.  I have much work to do, and all the time in the world.  I need to tap into my patience and my perfectionist's spirit and keep in mind that even Rome wasn't sacked in a day.

Cheers, until tomorrow.  Oh, I suppose I should tell you I ran, 3 miles at a blistering 11:37 pace.

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