Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where to start

Well, I'll start with the bit that I can control.  I haven't run much this week at all.  My ankle/foot is giving me grief right now.  I think I tweaked it running the other morning as the road was icing over.  I slipped a couple of times and kinda landed hard on it.  Then the next run, early last week, I hit a patch of mud and slime and slipped again.  I caught myself, but it was right after that, the foot started to complain about being treated so poorly.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy couple of weeks...and a bum ankle

So I have a lot to post maybe, I don't know.  Tonight won't be the night, but I'm here, I'm alive, and I been drinkin'.  Work, life, and a bum ankle are all getting in the way of getting ready for marathon number 1, but I will post a longer disertation on what has been goin' on soon.  Promise.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday's long run was WET

Wet, yup, that's the word for it.  I hit the bricks at a little before 9:00 am, and the rain started in and let me know that yes, as a matter of fact, I am nuts.  I had planned on doing a nice easy 14 miler.  That would be about .9 miles longer than my previous longest run.  It was warm, about 54*, so I wore just shorts, a light shirt with my LiveStrong pull-over over than, and my hat.  Nano fully charged and ready and an Excel Gel Strawberry/Kiwi for mid-run refuel, my fully loaded Nathan Speed 4 belt, and out the door I went.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey world! With update

Hey legs, this one is for you too.  I hope you don't take it personally, but you really need to get with the program and SOON.

I'm going for a run tonight, and then again on Sunday.  Legs you hear that, you have some work to do.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mi Mi Mi Mi!!!! Stylish Indeed!! Harrumph!

So XLMIC thinks that I am stylish.  Must be the occasional references to kilts, and the one or two pictures of me wearing a kilt while running in a race or three.  So the rules are:
  1. I must make a post linking back to the person who has nominated me for this prestigious award.
  2. I must share 7 things about myself.
  3. I must pass on the honor to 10 new bloggers I really like.
  4. I must contact these bloggers and tell them they've been awarded this Stylish Blogger Award.
So, number 1 is done, and I will "stop the insanity" here on this one with me...I shall forego  numbers 3 and 4.  Mostly because I only know so many bloggers and you all have already been tagged in these things...and I also already called "BASE" once.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Races in Shewood

Welcome to my post bragging about all the cool runs in Sherwood.  So for a small town of 16,000 and a little bit, we have a lot of runners.  We also have few triathletes that live and train here as well.  On any given day when I am out I see a bunch of people out pounding the pavement into submission.  So what does a small town with a healthy population of runners do?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It is official

Yup, slipped completely off the deep-end.  I've gone bananas, crackers.  I'm nuts; N V T S nuts.  I am bib number 1481 for the Portland Marathon in October.  That is marathon number 2 for the year.  This is completely crazy, since I have held for a very long time that people who run marathons are insane.  Who the heck am I to run one let alone two, considering that I only really took this game up last year at this time.