Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mi Mi Mi Mi!!!! Stylish Indeed!! Harrumph!

So XLMIC thinks that I am stylish.  Must be the occasional references to kilts, and the one or two pictures of me wearing a kilt while running in a race or three.  So the rules are:
  1. I must make a post linking back to the person who has nominated me for this prestigious award.
  2. I must share 7 things about myself.
  3. I must pass on the honor to 10 new bloggers I really like.
  4. I must contact these bloggers and tell them they've been awarded this Stylish Blogger Award.
So, number 1 is done, and I will "stop the insanity" here on this one with me...I shall forego  numbers 3 and 4.  Mostly because I only know so many bloggers and you all have already been tagged in these things...and I also already called "BASE" once.

So, here goes nothin'.

1>I am very active in getting other people to run whether they like it or not.  I am working at guilting my wife into getting into shape to run an 8K in 10 weeks, and with her our ex-neighbor to run a 5K that same day.  By virtue of my signing up for a marathon, others are now contemplating it.  Bwahahahahahah! (evil laugh)

2>I left "the Loop" on Runner's World due to their software updates, and their continuous updates and upgrades without notice.  It would make me crazy that I couldn't post or read a post due to maintenance.  Or you would log on and not be able to post more than about 800 words.  VERY frustrating, more than a few of us left.

3>I still lurk there, as there are a FEW people there that only post there and are still worth reading, even if I cannot post a comment to them.  A couple of them cyber-stalk me out here, but don't leave comments know that I know that you know that I know you are here.  (follow that? Good.)

4>I need to get a t-shirt made up that reads, "Older than I look.  WAY older than I act!!!"  Like Mr. Mellencamp says, "Growing UP leads to growing old and then to dying    OOOO and dying to me doesn't sound like all that much fun." (yes, this is on my long-run playlist)

5>I got a tattoo while in the Army.  My wife wants me to get it covered, but that ain't gonna happen.  I might add a couple more though, when I can afford it.  When did they get so pricey?

6>I need to get a new kilt.  My Utilikilt Original model got too large for me.  Terrible, I know, but what do you know, this running stuff I do shaved three inches off my waist.  Go check them out.  The Mock-U-mercials are a kick.  If you like what you see there, and remember, kilts are for men, but they don't mind it if women cross-dress (their words NOT mine) you can go to "my" evangelist site. I won't lie, I will get credit towards my next help a guy out.

7>I bleed Black and Gold.  My Pittsburgh Steelers are playing on Saturday against the Baltimore (c)Ravens.  We have 6--THAT'S right S.I.X. Super Bowl championships and we are looking for 7 in 11.

This is the end of this little MeMe, and I hope you have enjoyed it.  On a running note, my legs are PO'd at me for the ramp up in miles, so today, due to work, they got an extra rest day in the middle of the week (lucky them).  But, we will be doing a 7 tomorrow, and a 14 on Sunday...and I think I will get a bag of ice early before I leave and stick it in a cooler in my bathroom to await my return.  Yup, I've gone nuts.



  1. Anyone who is a running potato MUST be stylish. I keep having images in my mind of an actual running potato! lol Thanks for playing!!! (is this what a meme is? i never really knew what that meant when people used that word... boy, am i dumb)

  2. My niece bought my hubby a t-shirt that says, "Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult." That fits him to a T.

  3. So great to get to know you better. How in the world does someone in Sherwood love Pittsburgh? You must be from the east coast originally.

  4. @XLMIC---Don't feel bad, a week ago, I was there too, on the meme thing. And I felt like I was a true Spuds Divan last year.

    @jgf--that is classic.

    @(just)Try...--when I was 10 we moved to Sacramento, that same summer a kid from Ohio, same age moved across the street. He was a Steelers fan, and I hadn't really thought about what team to follow (the SeaChickens were still new back then), so I started following the Steelers. Never looked back. Didn't hurt that I won $20 on them in a Super Bowl.

  5. I bleed Black & Gold for 'ol PURDUE! Sorry, not much of a NFL fan.

    I still lurk the Loop. I left for the very same reasons.

  6. I'll put up running a marathon in a kilt (me) that the 'Niners make it to seven before the Steelers do...wait a minute do I really want to do that? Mike Tomlin is looking good as their coach. I'll go with it. But this is conditional to what you put up...

  7. @Danny--Harbaugh is good, but really? How many coaches have the 'Niners had since the last time they even sniffed a Lombardi trophy? Continuity at coaching is the key.

    @C2--You, ERG and I left about the same time, for the same reasons. Others have left or sort of left. JGF posts most stuff twice, as does Recce Major (he got his cluster finally)

  8. Hey friend! That was cheating on the stylish blogger award a bit, dontcha think? Where are the old photos from grade school or military we are supposed to see?

  9. My, my, my....a kilt! You ARE stylish indeed :)
    Wish I could get my hubs to take up running. He was tortured in middle school running track, and now is scarred for life.

  10. The word 'stalker' has such a harsh connotation (take it from someone who had one for most of 2010)... How 'bout we use the term 'fan of' or something nicer?? = )
    I think the buggies have been weeded out from The Loop or at least no one has mentioned any problems for a long time - no 2nd chances from you huh?
    lurves & smoochies from - well - you obviously know who!!! hahaha = )

  11. One of my best girl friends grew up at the stadium where the Steelers play. Her family ran one of the concession stands or something like that. Anyway, what I learned from her is that locals call it Pixburg. And they say "Kennywood's open" to mean that your fly is down. And that's my trivia for today!

    You need a new kilt! I'm all for it! I've worn many a plaid skirt in my day. Love 'em. Can't get enough of them!

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  13. I've been over to The Loop a little lately - and OH my GOSh that software was so annoying!

    You need to get a kilt.

    jgf - that's my email signature. =D