Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday's long run was WET

Wet, yup, that's the word for it.  I hit the bricks at a little before 9:00 am, and the rain started in and let me know that yes, as a matter of fact, I am nuts.  I had planned on doing a nice easy 14 miler.  That would be about .9 miles longer than my previous longest run.  It was warm, about 54*, so I wore just shorts, a light shirt with my LiveStrong pull-over over than, and my hat.  Nano fully charged and ready and an Excel Gel Strawberry/Kiwi for mid-run refuel, my fully loaded Nathan Speed 4 belt, and out the door I went.

Like I said, it was raining.  Maybe not monsoon levels of rain, but here, let me show you:
Please note that I left right about 9:00 am...for a 14 mile long run.  This means about 10:30-11:00 minute miles...

Yeah, I got a little wet.  The rain was coming down and the wind was blowing, but I had a good run.  At the half-way point I hit the button on the Nano to find out what my current pace was, and it chimes in with a 10:50 average pace, and then the music starts skipping and before I know it, I am hearing final work out jabber.  WTH?!?!  Turns out, that while you cannot get an iPod with touch screen to recognize a poke or jab with a glove on, if you are wet to the hide, and your touch screen is against your shirt, it WILL recognize those as touches.  Grrr.  Now I have to re-start the run for the remaining 7 miles.  Dang it, I wanted the Lance or Paula, or whomever to come on at the end and tell me how AWESOME I was for running 14 miles.  Now that will have to wait until NEXT Sunday.

So, I restarted the Nano, got a mile into the "second" run, and popped open the Excel Gel.  It has about the same consistency as the PowerBar gel that I have been using, and about the same flavor.  It also needs about the same amount of water to wash down.  But, it didn't give me any troubles going down and it seemed to give me enough juice to finish out the 14.

I like the little loops that I have mapped out here in my little town, I have loops in 4, 5, 6, 7 miles, and a start/finish point that if I need to add a mile to any one of the loops, I just run up to the Y and back.  Presto!  1 mile!  So that means that I can take any of the loops and make any combination of distances I need.  For instance, next week's 16 miler will be two of the 7 mile loops, with the added 1 mile at the start of each loop.  I will need to add in a 9 mile loop to the mix, and I have a "pikermi" mapped out that will be a HILL work out, and I might do that one Pro Bowl weekend as that should be my "cut back" week.

I finished my run and walked for about 3/4 of a mile before heading inside and the evils that awaited me there....ice baths are E.V.I.L.  But, I am nearly convinced.  In fact, let me share with you a little back and forth with some Facebook friends while I was freezing my extremities....

My Status:  Ice baths SUCK!!!!

I don't care how good they are... they SUCK!

This gets one "like" from Colorado (he is evil)
Friend 1: Its supposed to be a cold shower not ice bath only take ice baths if you only want the boys to not come out till spring
SuperCoolRunner: Ha! So bad they are good...
ME: I'm sitting here right now questioning if I can make it the next 10 minutes.
ME:  4 minutes left...  
Friend 2: spring? hell he does this a lot they are not going to come out until next summer. 
ME:Probably once a week for the next 12 weeks or so. Training for a marathon hurts in many ways that I was not aware of. 

This was how my Sunday went.  It was all good though, my Steelers had won the day on Saturday, and the NE Patriots and Tom Bieber didn't win on Sunday.

Until the next run.


  1. I love charts. Thanks for the info. Now I can play in-between classes.

    Nano - inexperienced ipod person here. Good points.

    I still have yet to do the ice bath thing. May never do it either.

    Maybe my Bears will see your Steelers in the SB? Doubt the Bears can make it - stranger things have happened.

    Good run you had.

  2. I would love to see the Bears/Steelers Super Bowl in 40's throw-back unis. In all the years that these two teams have been around, they have never faced each other in a championship. I think the Bears can take the Pack, they just have to play GOOD ball. We have our hands full with the Jets this weekend.

    And my legs felt like I hadn't run at all on Monday morning, so there is something to that voodoo.

  3. There may be something to water boarding and ice baths -- but I dont plan on using either one on myself.

  4. There was a lot of laughs outside the bathroom door as I was getting into the tub from my daughters. No sympathy even from them.

  5. I totally suck at reading charts. I skipped over that part :) I used to LOVE my Nike+Ipod! I know exactly how it feels to NEED to hear that congratulations from Lance at the end. Some days, that was the only thing that kept me going.

    Way to go on the 14 miles!! It's amazing to think that's a "long run" instead of a race. Because that's F A R!!!!!

    For my next ice bath, I think I'm gonna try going knee deep in the ocean :P

  6. SuperCoolRunner?! I can deal with that. Told you that ice bath would pay off! There's a huge difference in my recovery time when I take one. Nice job on the 14!

  7. @jgf, just hidin' people's names... Totally fresh legs on Monday. I'm about 80% convinced, but DANG they hurt.

  8. Glad to know I wasn't the only one out there getting soaked on a Sunday long run! Yours far exceeded mine, but we were both wet just the same.

    I'm too scared to try the ice bath. Well, that and lazy - because that means I'd have to bring ice all the way from the kitchen to my bathroom and right now that sounds like the longest walk ever. Granted I live in a small "cottage", but still.

  9. Awesome way to brave the elements! I can't wait to run long enough to warrant an ice bath ;-)

    So great to have varying distance loops to choose from!

  10. Glad you didn't get hypothermia!

    You are tougher than you thought :) The kids should get in on the action. Let them put the ice in. Mine love it. Beware of splashes. And...I gather that you don't have to worry about girl #5 for a year or so, now?

    You are doing very well for all the mileage you are putting in!!

    I got something yesterday...and it looks fabulous. (Still in the box for now.) Almost as cool as your graphs.

  11. I can't read the charts. I'm chart illiterate. Except for the one on the bottom. That tells me you got really wet. What a bummer that your ipod got all wet and freaked out. That's so annoying. You'll get the kudos from it next week though. =)

    Ice baths in the winter really do suck. Someone told me I need to take lots of them to help my ITB. I think not, baby puppy. Not until June anyway.

  12. Hope you got the ipod figured out. Did a reset work?

    GET OUT THERE AND DO THE LONG RUN. You need it! Your race is in 10 weeks! Ice, don't worry about time it takes to finish. You CAN do this. If you do it tomorrow you'll still be ready for your next secheduled LR, proceed with the rest of your week as it says on your schedule. If you can't go- and skip it- it won't kill you, but you'd be better off to do it if you can.
    Hope all is well.

  13. I'm with Keeley on the chart thing.
    Ice baths? No thanks. I think I would scream like a girl if I had to sit in a tub of ice.
    oh wait.... =)
    I cant wait to get some distance runs in again! You're doing great!