Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where to start

Well, I'll start with the bit that I can control.  I haven't run much this week at all.  My ankle/foot is giving me grief right now.  I think I tweaked it running the other morning as the road was icing over.  I slipped a couple of times and kinda landed hard on it.  Then the next run, early last week, I hit a patch of mud and slime and slipped again.  I caught myself, but it was right after that, the foot started to complain about being treated so poorly.

I iced it three times that day, and a couple of times the day after, but I have been keeping odd hours this last couple of weeks at work, and I couldn't seem to get home at a time that would really allow me to just sit and ice my foot.  So, now I am debating whether I should just run through it and see how it feels, or not.  I had a dream about it the other night, where I was running and it was hurting a lot.  I switched to running fore-footed and it stopped hurting while I was running, so I might give it a quick couple of miles tomorrow just to see how it feels.

Now for the bits, I can't control.  Work is releasing me from service sometime tomorrow.  By this time Monday, I will no longer be employed.  This is both good and bad (as all things tend to be).  The good is that a lot of the external stress in my life stems from working there.  They have been in a mode where they are "cutting costs" and letting people go, often replacing them with family members of the owners.  I have actually known this was coming for about 7 months, but they finally "manned up" enough to tell me about it on the 17th.  They also want me to come back as a one day a week consultant.  Hmmm, had they come to me back in July, and said that this was what they were thinking, I might have been more agreeable to the move.  Now, not so much.  They lit the bridge, I'm just supplying the fuel oil to help it along.

Like I said though, I will give the foot a couple of miles to tell me what it thinks of running tomorrow, and if it isn't too bad fine we will keep on keepin' on.  If it say's, "WTH are you doing!!!" Then I will be forced to the Y in the mornings to use the elipticals to keep the legs from getting too lax.

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and is looking forward to a great week.


  1. Oh. I am so sorry about your work. Do you have any ideas for another job? Is your wife employed? I will pray that you have a quick transition into something better.

    Also sorry about your ankle mishaps. I had some issues during my eugene training due to major mileage buildups. Always, always, there was some tendon issue or another in the ankle region- front, side and back. Ice is good- but also- just something i read...
    if it is sore at first, and eases up as you run, then gets sore again after a few miles (like a tendinitis) then run through the "ease up" stage and stop when you start to feel the pain again. If that makes sense.

    If it's just the one ankle, go easy and let swelling go down if there is any. And that's my advice- NOT that you asked for it. =D

    Hope you are having a great weekend otherwise. My oldest had a fever today- here we go again =D

  2. So sorry to hear about your job. Hopefully something good will come from all this change.

    Just wanted to let you know, we signed up to run the Race for the Roses Half in Sherwood on June 4th. Hope to meet you there!

  3. I agree. Employment is over-rated (until the bills come in - or the cows come home).

    Cross train. Or hit the bike. With the weather (at least in NorCal) the way it is biking is awesome. Then hit the ground running when the ankle feels better.

    What were your job responsibilities? You were in IT, right? Network admin? Database engineer? Way off the mark?

  4. Well, that just plain sucks! Although you will be able to run at better times of the day...

    As for the ankle, try some pool running at the Y for a couple of days. Keep icing for a bit even when you get back to the roads. If there is swelling or bruising, do not run. And back off the 6 min miles for a while...

  5. That stinks about the job! I hope you find something else that is PERFECT for you, in a timely fashion.
    As far as the ankle, no 'expert' advice, but if it was me, I think I would lay off it for a week (as in no running) and then trying to do a mile her and a mile there the following week to see how it reponded. Hope its nothing serious!

  6. Work situation -- I hope that you find what you need quickly.

    Hope that the ankle heals fast.

  7. I need your address so's I can send you that thing you won :)

  8. Oh ouch! I do hope your ankle feels better.

    OH!!! Oh bugger! Oh man that is not fun to be let go. I do hope you're able to find a job that you love and feel really happy in.

  9. What's going on? How are you doing? How's the job and ankle?