Sunday, January 9, 2011

Races in Shewood

Welcome to my post bragging about all the cool runs in Sherwood.  So for a small town of 16,000 and a little bit, we have a lot of runners.  We also have few triathletes that live and train here as well.  On any given day when I am out I see a bunch of people out pounding the pavement into submission.  So what does a small town with a healthy population of runners do?

Hold three large-ish races every year.  The first is the Friar Trot, May 21, 20011, which is a fund-raiser for the Catholic school here in town.  It is a fun race and has some good sponsors.  Last year everyone got a free beverage with their bibs, the kids got some good root beer, and the adults got some good beer.  They haven't posted anything yet, so I am hoping that they will hold this one again.  It was fun, and goes right by my house so the girls can stand on the street and cheer.  Very, very fun to have a cheering section as you run by.  This one has a 1K kids run, a 5K and a 10K and the courses are pretty flat with only a couple of "hills" in them.

The next race, and the one I am actually the most excited about, is the Run for the Roses, June 4, 2011.  If you look them up on Facebook, you can get a $5 discount coupon good through this month towards the cost of the race.  Since the new for this year Pikermi was $45 "full-price" this is a bargain since that includes a tech shirt.  Last year's shirt is white with just the race logo over the left breast and not a very large logo at that.  It is nicely understated.  They have a 1/2 mile kids run at the high school track, and a 5K Walk, 5K Run, a 10K and the Pikermi (half-marathon).  They are working with the city to get the Pimermi race course approved, and once they have that they will put up the link.  But no matter where it goes, you can expect some good hills, mostly rollers, but they will eat up people who only run on dreadmills or tracks.  I got barked at on-line last year for saying it was flat--OK so there are some rollers on the 10K course, sheesh.

The third is and evening race on a Friday.  August 12, 2011, the CATNip Friday 5K.  This one is a benefit for the Cat Adoption Team.  They are a great non-profit that tries to find homes for, guess, go on, guess...oh, I kinda gave it away already, cats!  They require you to get them broken (spayed or neutered) and their fees are a little higher than a normal pet store, but these guys have been rescued and are properly rehabilitated if necessary.  Plus it is in the evening, so it makes for a different kind of race.  Last year it was hot, and they had a misster tent set up.  It was very much appreciated when we finished our runs and could step under the spray and cool down.

So today's long slow run was a nice 12 miler, and I kept the average pace, according to Nike, to 10:49.  Not bad, my running partner was pushing a little faster than I would have liked.  She called it a run at 8 with 9:40 averages to that point.  So I downed a PowerBar Gel and a bottle of water, backed off the throttle and finished my 12.  Overall time was 2:10:58, so I really backed off the throttle to lower the average that much, but whatever.  The point is long and slow.  Then when I got home I did the unthinkable.  Me the guy who won't go swimming in a lake that isn't geothermally heated to 100 degrees, got into a tub filled with COLD water and then added a bowl of ice.  OK, so my legs feel ok right now, and I'm not limping TOO much.  So maybe there is something to this.  We shall see.



  1. I am so proud of you for getting in that tub!

  2. jgf, two things, thanks for reading the WHOLE post just to get to that part, and my wife was LAUGHING at the sounds coming from our bathroom. You women have no sympathy for the pains of cold water...

  3. I know it's not all about the T-shirt, but I bet the CatNip one will be cool! Great job on the ice bath, you crybaby wimp! ;) LOL! I don't do ice baths either. Well, maybe once...sort of! It was in mountain a river in Colorado after a day long hike. No ice cubes though.


  4. Whoa Nellie!!! It is ALL about the t-shirts. I forgot to mention, last year's CATNip shirt was BLACK. Way cool shirt, it is one of my faves out of the bunch that I have.

  5. Call me biased, but the CATnip Friday 5k sounds purrrrrfect!! ; p

  6. Ice bath - I still cannot bring myself to do it. As they say "You da man".

  7. Nice Work on the LR!!!

    I hope you wore a warm jacket and had something hot to drink while you froze your extremeties.

    Friar trot looks interesting...


  8. @meowmom--Yeah, I kinda thought you might have a warm spot for that one.

    @C2--I had the lyrics for "Yesterday" running through my head for some reason...

    @ERG--yup, I had my warm jacket on and a large hot coffee in my mitts whilst I sat and froze my extremities...

    I will say this, my legs do not feel like I ran 12 miles yesterday. My calves are a little sore, but I can walk and I will probably do some calf raises later this morning just because I can.

  9. You got into an ICE BATH in WINTER? Massive BA points right there. Ice baths certainly make the legs feel a lot better...but in winter? Brrrrr.

  10. Ice bath BRRRR!! Agreeing w/ Keeley.
    I dont think I could EVER take an ice bath!! Hardcore, man!! =)

  11. @Anna P - actually, ice baths in the summer are ridiculously delicious after a long run. Really! Try it one time. Feels fabulous. And time goes really fast if you're reading a good book at the same time. Furthermore, your legs feel sooooo good afterwards.

    OTOH, ice baths in winter? That's hardcore right there. I would need significant bribing by chocolate pie or something like that in order to get me in one. And entire chocolate pie. All to myself. With whipped cream.

  12. By "And" I mean "An". Bah to me on not checking before posting.