Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday night run at the Y

Tonight's run was not that great. In fact, I will do everything in my power to NOT go up there in the evenings. I spent most of the time dodging around kids too young to be upstairs by themselves, and having to pull up short for people walking side-by-side with little room to go by. There were too many bodies, and too many people to work around. I think I miscounted a couple of laps, so I guess I will make sure that I am closer to where I am supposed to be on Wednesday. I also think that the dodging stressed my legs a little more than a straight run would have. So, we will take a few Advil and rest the legs tomorrow, and see how I feel in tomorrow evening.

The new shoes helped a bit on Saturday, so on to that story. I probably got ripped off, but I will say, that the way to get sized for shoes at least once in a while is to go to a running store that looks at your foot print and walking and running style. It was about a 15 minute drill and you need to be barefoot and roll your pant-legs up, but it was worth it. I actually had a good idea about what my feet looked like and how I ran, but it was nice to actually watch my strides as I ran on a treadmill. They also took a pressure pad to show what the foot strikes look like. All in all it was very enlightening. You should definitely do it at least once.

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