Friday, January 15, 2010

Jingle Bell Run --Recap

So, the Jingle Bell Run 2009 was a COLD race. It was around 28 F, with a lovely little wind to go with. I, as promised, wore my Utilikilt. I did not go "regimental" that morning, as I was wearing a nice pair of Nike Running tights. Not the thermal verity, but they definitely helped. I was happy to have them and the sunglasses I was wearing. The wind would have played hell with my eyes and they would have been watering so much it would have been hard to run. As it was, due to sickness, laziness, and Thanksgiving, I did not go to the Y or run at all for the entire month of November. I ended up Run-Walking the race. I completed it and had fun doing it. My time was just under 40 minutes, so I have left myself a little room for improvement. I will have to post some photos at some point.

The run went down a slight grade to the 1/2 way mark and then back up that same grade to the start-finish line. To say it was windy is being kind, the Start-Finish sign blew part-way over at some time during the race and they had to have the runners stay away from the base on the opposite side of the road from the van. It was not the best of running conditions, but the guy who "won" was a 51 year old you cooked it off in 18+ minutes. Ahhh to be that fast again.

Until next time true believers.

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