Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two days of rest...hard to not run this morning

Thursday's run was great.  I felt good, the knees felt good, and I tracked a good time.  So I am taking my two days off on Friday and Saturday.  I did go out and calibrate the Nike+ transceiver, for both a walking pace and a running pace.  It was all I could do to keep from just doing a bunch of laps and turning a rest day into a run day.  I refrained as I would have gotten into trouble with the Mrs.  I had told her what my plan and schedule was, and I was expected back at an early time.  Had I run this morning, I would be setting up my tent in the backyard and sleeping on an air mattress.

Tomorrow morning I am doing 2.75 miles, and I am looking to maintain my pace of 10:30 or so per mile.  I have a nice course plotted out, and it is actually a 2.8.  Three runs next week, then three 3  milers the following week.  Two rest days, and then the Shamrock Run!  A short 14 days from today.  I will then start the training program for the next two runs.  I say two runs is that they are within two weeks of each other, so I will train to do both.  There is a 10K available on both days, so I will have to see where I am at in 12 weeks on whether I do both as 10's or split them as a 10 and a 5.  It will depend on the knees and the other training.  I will begin adding weights back into the mix starting the day after the race.

I will work up a good combination of all the different programs out there.  I think they all have some good points and some bad points, so I want to see what works and what doesn't.  I think a lot of the sites are big into "if you want my full program, you need to pay me".  Who knows if mine will be any better than the ones you can find on the 'net, but I will see what works for me, and what doesn't, and I will post it here.

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