Sunday, February 28, 2010

Only 5 Left

There are only five training runs left.  I needed to ice my knee, per my "personal trainer" this after noon.  I will take a few ibuprofen this evening.  I did make the 2.75 mile run at an average of 10:10, and I felt pretty good once I got going.  I tried a different setting on the Nike+ settings today.  I tried the distance setting.  I set the system for 2.75 miles and then set out.  At .5 miles it chimed in and told me where I was at.  Then again a few more times during the run, at the last little part of the run it rattled off the distance to the end in 100 meter intervals.  It was very interesting.  It made it hard to not want to just shred the last 300 meters, but I knew that if I did that my knee would REALLY be hurting right now.  I will rest tomorrow and then run again on Tuesday, rest then run on Thursday.  Two days rest, then 3 mile runs for three runs next week.

I am sticking with the schedule and I am not changing anything until after the race.  The day after the race, I will add in cross-training and weights.  I want to increase my stamina and my strength and work towards a Pikermi---if you want to know what that is go to  We have t-shirts and everything!  We will see on that one...but it is certainly a possibility and the one I would aim for would be on my 42nd birthday.  That is a long way off, so in the mean time, I will begin working towards a couple of "back-to-back" 10K's, one in the middle of May, and one the first weekend of June.  I think I can get to 6 miles by then, and if I can get there, I should be able to run one, rest for a few days, then ramp back up for the next run two weeks later.

So this will be a short post today, but I will begin working up the training program in the next few days, and I will post that for your perusal.

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