Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sore Knees S-U-C-K

Well, OK so really it is only one knee, but still.  It gets worse as I sit, so I have been trying to keep it moving.  As I sat at work I did crunches and kept the legs flexing.  I ran about 10:40 - 10:50 miles, so I was just under 30 minutes for 2.75 miles.  I kinda like the distance setting on the Nike+; it is nice to hear the voice in my head tell me constructive information for a change.  The last little bit today, I let the voice get the better of me, which is probably why my knee is pissed now.  At 300 meters to go, I kicked it up a gear and finished at a 8:12 mile pace.  A little fast, and now my right knee is mad at me.

I am looking forward to testing the 5K setting next week.  I will have three practice races starting in 5 days.  I am looking to push for 32 minutes on the runs.  I will know if I am under that without the voice in my head.  I created a couple of play-lists that I haven't hit the ends of the "2.5 Miler" is 34 minutes long and I based that on what I was averaging inside doing run-walk-run stuff.  It is kind of nice to think that the time I thought of a few weeks ago would be enough to cover 2.5 miles and it just might cover the entire 5K.

I am sticking to the schedule as I am so close to the race, but on the 15th I will start adding in some cross-training and weights.  I think that I will go with elliptical machine time and weights to get the core and upper body strength up, but also focus on getting the quads and legs stronger as well.  I am going from the thought that with stronger calves and quads, I should be able to increase my ground speed.  We will wait and see how the runs go from here.  I am looking forward to it.

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