Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A good morning run!

I got up this morning a little slower than I should have.  I didn't need to stay up and watch the Chinese win gold and silver.  I didn't need to watch the Men's BoarderCross final.  Thanks to NBC's inability to do anything except "The Biggest Loser" correctly, I had already learned of the results, and should have gone to bed at a reasonable time.  BUT, since when have I ever been reasonable?  So, at midnight, the Mrs. and I trundled up to bed, and, well, let's just say that 4:40 am comes really fast at that point.

But, I got up and did Week Six, Day Two, and felt good after the first half mile.  By the end of mile two I was in gear and trucking around the Y's track.  I had a 9 minute mile pace at the end.  Tracking forward from there, if I keep with this schedule, I should be able to hold to a 10 minute mile easily for the 3.1 miles on March 14.  Holy Short-time Batman, but that is only three weeks away.  After today, there are no more walk breaks in my morning runs, and as the weather begins to get less rainy (or if I would go buy some good wet-weather gear) I can move this show outside.  I will need to after the Shamrock Run anyway, because I am already looking at the next two races...  Both have start-finish lines within a mile of my house.

Moving outdoors is easy with both the Nike+.com site and the Livestrong.com site.  Both offer a mapping feature that lets you pick a starting point and then follow along the roads and plot out a route and it gives you the distance as you go.  Can you say, 4 and 5 mile runs?  Can you say 10K?  All from the comfort of your own home, can you plot out your courses and you don't have to drive down roads that are closed to traffic to figure out how far it is.

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