Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Modified Playlists

I am a big fan of music.  I have it playing in the background almost all the time.  The only time I don't have it on is when my kids insist on watching television.  Between the Mrs. and me we have 4 iPods of various incarnations and sizes.  Music has been proven to help with working out whether running to stuff with a good beat or working out with weights.  Go by a spin class and they are playing loud fast music.  Do an aerobics class or Zumba class, loud fast music.  It gets your blood moving and keeps you from focusing too much on the activity.

So, after Sunday's run I came home, sat down at my computer, up loaded the latest run to Nike+.com and then decided to look at my playlists.  While, Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song is fun to listen to, it really isn't the BEST work-out song.  So, into the lists I go, and I looked at my times and came up with a couple of lists that are about the right time for two (2) mile and three (3) mile runs at my current pace.  This makes it nice in that I can tell roughly by the song that is on, how slow or fast I am going.  I do need to tweak the order a little on the two (2) mile list, I have a slow song towards 1.75 miles and that is not good placement.  I think that one will be good at the very start.  It is fast enough to start with, but too slow to finish on.  That will be tonight's chore.

Did it work?  Well, according to Mr. Lance Armstrong, I set a personal best for the mile today.  Thursday's scheduled training run is two (2) miles straight through with no breaks for walking, so once I re-order the songs, I should have music that gets progressively more aggressive and faster.  I almost can't wait to see my times.

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