Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday's Run

Well, Tuesday came early, and I got up and faced it with aching knees and tight calves.  I really need to do a better job of stretching everyday just to keep things loose.  I set off at a slow pace, but plugged along at about 10:37 minute per mile pace.  No there are no Kenyans in fear of my displacing them on podiums around the world, nor is "Pauler Radcliffe" in danger of me challenging her to a winner take all marathon.  But, hey, considering that my Jingle Bell Run 5K was completed at 38:05 just 11 weeks ago, that is an improvement of  just under 2 minutes a mile!  and I am looking forward to running the whole thing at that 10:30 pace which means that I am looking to finish the race in about 32 minutes---for those of you who can't count.  And, since my "personal best" mile pace is just over 10 minutes, I might even try to bring this one in just under 30 minutes.  We will just have to see.

So back to the run, I wore my spiffy new jacket and it was quite toasty.  In fact, at roughly one mile I had to unzip the neck a bit to let the heat out.  I may get to test it in the rain tomorrow morning.  I finished my run and cool down walk just before it started to rain.  Timing is everything.  The legs loosened up by the end of the first mile, and while the right knee complained quite a bit after, it felt good while I was running.

As I am typing this it is Wednesday afternoon, and my knees are a little sore, but not bad enough for me to take Tylenol or wear one of my braces.  I got a little sleep last night and hit them with some ibuprofen.  I am also looking at the calendar and the countdown is really starting.  There are only 18 days until the race, and only 7 training runs until then as well.  Wow, if that doesn't make it seem like a short time, nothing will.  Seven short little runs, and then one short little race, which I am actually going to treat as the starting run to a 10K training regimen.  I am looking up all the different training schedules and programs for moving on up to a 10K and I will probably end up with the Natty Bumpo version of the 10K training program.  So far some of the ones I have looked at are a little extreme, and look like they were designed for Prefontaine after he was a world class runner.  I may have to design one of my own.  I will keep you posted.

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