Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week Six Day One...

And my legs hurt.  So a little Motrin is in my future.  All in all, though, I did a little over 2 1/2 miles run walk, including warm-up and cool-down.  So, Ol' Lance came on the iPod and told me congrats on my longest workout to date.  It is a kinda cool when the Nike+ system gives you feed back like that.  I know I have said it before, but if you have a Nano, iPhone, or iPod touch you should look into this product.  With the touch of a button-while you are running-you can tell how far and at what pace you are running at.  The run itself was a little rough as well.  I started out kinda slow and didn't really hit a groove at all.  I am hoping that Tuesday's run will be a bit better.  I didn't run anyone over and only had minimal people to dodge at the Y this afternoon.

I have tracked out a couple of actual road courses to use when I start running with no walking involved.  This is why I switched to distance over time on the running.  Going for 20 minutes, while that sounds good, I would rather slug-out 2 miles in 24 minutes.  The other part of that is, that when you are running based on time, you spend the whole run watching the clock instead of watching the miles go by. And the best part, I know that I am getting closer to being able to run the entire 5k when it gets here.  In exactly four weeks.

Speaking of that, I have a team of people who haven't signed up for the race yet.  I have given up on my oldest brother actually doing the run.  My older sister is still claiming to be planning on being here, but, since I paid for her already I don't care.  I have a friend that say she and her boyfriend are signing up, along with one of her girl friends.  We will have to see.  I don't trust anything until I actually see them listed with the run officials.  They need to get going as soon as possible--or I may just have to call and pay the difference on the two that I have paid for and just call it good.

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