Friday, August 27, 2010

OK--Pikermi is a GREAT name (Hattip to mnchick34) ---Moved from other site

So, thanks to mnchick34's Friday Fill in the Blank I went looking at the various races that one might enter in New Zealand.  There is a nice race at the bottom of the world, well not actually, but very close, a couple hours drive.  I have a virtual friend that lives on the opposite side of the South Island as this race, but it would be a trip to go there to race, so *IF* I were to ever do it, it would be with the intent to spend a few days drinking beer with my friend.

I pull up this one particular race's website, the Marlborough Marathon, as it has a Marathon, Pikermi, 10K and 5K races.  A good time for all runners.  This would be a grand way to spend a Saturday, and the best part would be posting my results here on Friday before the race.  I pull up the Course Description page with maps AND elevations (are you listening American RD's?).  Take a look at the names they use:  Course Details.  I mean really Half Marathon is bad enough, but Quarter Marathon and 1/8 Marathon?!?! That is TOO much.  I know they get a little bit of water on the brain on the South Island, but that is taking things a little too far.  What do they call the 1500 M, a 3 centiMarathon?

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