Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ah, That both hurt and felt good. ---Moved from other site

So I went for a 4 miler today, and running on the flats and up hill felt pretty good.  Downhill however, kind hurt the heel a lot.  I got home and iced it.  It felt good to be back on the road, but dang, this heel pain is a pain. 

I started out thinking I would take it slow, and when I got to the two mile mark, I hit the button on the iPod and the Nike+ Super-Accurate-Highly-Adaptive-to-Changes-In-Pace Device told me that I still had .2 to go for two miles.  And, as we know, .2 miles doesn't matter.  But it did tell me that I had been running for just under 19 minutes, and that was pretty good for the first run in a week, and only the third in over a month.  Two miles later, my heel was HURTING and so were my lungs.  Man am I out of shape in a short time.  Although, there may be some correlation to my "fitness" this morning and the three rather large Rum and Cokes that I had last night.   My final stats for todays run: 4.1 miles at 9:28 pace; and one REALLY irritated heel.  I will roll my legs again tonight with the evil Stick as that seems to help for some reason.

If the heel isn't too bad in the am, I may go for a quick 3 or 4 again.  I need to get back up to decent mileage soon as I have a Pikermi that I really want to do in October.  I think I can work through this pain, but we will take things on a day to day.  Have a good weekend, and to all you either in the middle of races (you won't see this so, meh) or getting ready for one tomorrow, run well, and finish strong.

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