Monday, August 16, 2010

"I shoulda stood in bed" ---Moved from other site

There I was at 4:15am this morning, thinking my heel feels great, today is the day to start in with the VFF's.  So, up I get, shorts on, tech shirt on, iPod--don't worry about the Nike+ receiver I don't have a pouch for the VFF's, slip my toes in and pull up the backs and strap down.  Flashlights on, and out I go.  I knew that my legs and feet would get tired running in this niffty new way, so I opted for one of my short routes from my C25K program.  Good plan.  At about the 3/4 mile mark, my feet were getting tired, as were my calves.  So, with no shame, I started walking.  In less than another 1/4 mile my heel starts to hurt again.  OK, so maybe I was taking a few heel-toe steps while walking.  BUT, the ole left foot felt fine.  Dagnabit, I think the tendinitis isn't quite 100% gone.  I mosey home, with a couple of more jog sessions, and then stretch.  Ow, yup, tighter than a mummy's NVTS as my father-in-law would say.  Well, lets put some ice on it, and get it elevated for a bit.  Yeah, that hurt like heck 15 minutes later when I stood up to go take a shower.  Now as I sit here at work, my heel feels like I have someone placing my foot on coals that are just about ready to cook on.  Maybe I should have given it some more time, or not tried the new running style, but either way, we shall have to see how it feels tomorrow.  I think I may be relegated to the gym and the elipticals for a while...  Not too happy with that thought.

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