Friday, August 13, 2010

Game Day---time to decide ---Moved from other site

So, here it is, the mid-morning of the CATnip 5K.  It is a fund-raiser for the Cat Addoption Team, here in lovely Sherwood OR.  I paid my fees, bought the shirt (it was extra, and it is BLACK!), but that was before my ankle started to give me grief.  I haven't run in two weeks, and the heel felt good yesterday after about 30 heel raises and some short sprints across the warehouse (the guy filling sandbags thought I was nuts).  I still iced it when I got home, but that was mostly so I could have a beer without having to chase Number 4 up and down the street.  Is that wrong?  The moms on here are exempt from answering.

So, back to the race, I think that I will put on the VFF's and con the Mrs. into run/walking it with me.  Our neighbor can watch the girls while we are "running" and since the race is literally less than a mile from our home, it shouldn't be too much of a hastle to get everyone there.  Plus, there will be some fun stuff for the littles to do.  I was contemplating having Number 1 go with me, but the Mrs. doesn't think she could hang for the 3.1 miles.  It will be 90+ here today, and I might bring my fuel belt along, just to have extra water for us.  Well, if the Mrs. doesn't run with me, I will run the whole way, if she does go it will be an R/W.  She has started the Couch to 5K program a couple of times now, and I am hoping that getting her to one race will infect her the way the Jingle Bell Run did me last December.  Races are such a kick in the A$$ that how can you NOT get the bug when you do one?

This will be a great test of the ankle and a nice way to spend my Friday night.  My three or four tomorrow might be the Crawfish Crawl....we'll see.

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