Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cross-training hurts---or was it the sandals? NRR-I'm on the DL ---Moved from other site

I went to the Y last night in my Catchowder inspired footware.  Slipping on the VFF's I wondered down to the end of the building where they kept the only rowing machine only to find they had aquired a second.  Hmmm, I really should get up here more often, they have an espresso bar now too?!?!  Anyway, I strap in, and start pulling, I actually like rowing machines, they give you one heck of a workout in a fairly short time.  Nothing like working ALL of your major muscle groups at once for generating some sweat.  Got done, stretched and then hit the showers.  We were having an "end of summer--what are we going to do to find an excuse to drink" party in my driveway so I needed to not be too late getting home.  Plus, two of the neighbors are in the Hood-to-Coast this weekend, and we wanted to help them with their "carbo-loading".  Heh heh heh.  Pasta salads, manicotti, and a curried chicken salad (which is my lunch today).  I bagged it at 9:30, I was feeling the workout and the early morning wakeups.  Plus my heel was not happy with me.

I can't tell you the exact date that my current heel issues started, but I can tell you what "shoes" I was wearing.  I have an older pair of sandals that the Mrs. insisted I wear yesterday as it was hot at the time of the party, and she made me go put on shorts.  I for one am quite happy to be wearing jeans in the summer as the sun and I have an agreement.  I won't show any skin to it, and it won't leave me blistered and scarred (anymore).  I stick to this agreement like glue.  But after wearing those sandals for three and a half hours, my heel was YELLING at me.  So off to bed I went.  I won't tell you what time it was that the Mrs. came in and told me that the baby was asleep in the chair downstairs and that I needed to get up and go get her...and that I needed to make sure that 2 and 3 got to bed.  I had to ask where 1 was, she was sleeping across the street.

When I woke up this morning, my left elbow is very irritated with me, and my heel is pi$$ed off too.  Hmm, maybe I do need to sit on a bike at the Y.  Have I told you how much I dislike stationary bikes?  I think of them less than treadmills.  But I think if I want this heel to get better before I turn 42 I need to not be so mean to my ankle.  Oh, and the sandals are in the can to be picked up tomorrow and hauled to a nice landfill somewhere, because I'm not taking any chances.

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