Thursday, September 2, 2010

OK, when do the guys with the "Self-Love Jacket" show up? ---Moved from other site

I have just offered to pay for my neighbor to run in NEXT year's Portland Marathon, under the condition that she trains with me to get me into shape for it.  She has run it in the past.  Her eyes lit up like I had just given her the bestest Christmas present EVER.  I will need to save some extra scratch to pony for two rides, but it will be worth it.  So, when do the guys in the white coats get here to take me away?  Clearly I have a cog that has slipped quite a ways out of allignment.  Thorazine and a padded cell, please.  I am a short distance from Dammish State Hospital, and while I know it hasn't been the same since one flew over it, they have lots of space.  So, once my heel is better, and I can sneak through the Pikermi on my b-day, I will get ready by building one heck of a 2011 schedule.  I can start it with the Jingle Bell Run in December.  We will add some more to it as we go along.

 Yup, off my cracker now.  Heck, I am still thinking that I want to put together a HTC team as well.  Prospective members must enjoy running, lots of kids, hanging out on the beach near a bonfire, and being well, loud.  That would make a heck of a Craigslist ad.

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