Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two things today---one good, and one eh ---Moved from other site

So, maybe I pushed it a little today.  I could have shortened it up at 5, but I so wanted to go a bit past 6.  As I type this, I realize only runners will get this.  I have been recovering from my bout with Achilles tendinitis as has been chronicled here on these hollowed "pages".  I got a few runs in the last couple of weeks, and my ankle/heel has felt a bit tight after but not too bad.  This morning, I mapped out a nice leisurly 6.8 miles and took it slow, and I mean slow, I used the same playlist as I had for other long runs along that same basic path, and I was about a song behind and "losing ground" as I went.  That is one of the benefits of running with music, since I am TOO cheap to own one of them thar fandancy computators that hang on your wrist and all, you can judge how you are doing by the songs playing.  Ever see the movie "Hudson Hawk"?  If you did you, me and my projectionist are the only ones, but in that movie, Bruce Willis' character times his thefts by singing music.  His partner tells him they have invented watches since he was in prison.  Anyway, that is how I time my runs. I don't do splits and I just go.  So today I just went, and now my ankle is complaining...I am hoping that by tonight it will have settled back down as was the case after the Warrior Dash.  We shall see.

Now to the second thing.  Around Sherwood there are all these little yard signs for a running water 5K, so I looked it up.  I looks like one of the local churches is putting on a charity event for getting fresh water in Zambia.  The interesting part is the registration fees are the same for on-line as well as day of event.  $35 each or a team/family up to 5 runners for $70.  SO, any Portland area Loopsters want to come to my neck of the woods next Sunday for a little jog around town?  Here is the link to the page:
It might be a fun little recovery run for some of you, or a chance to hang out after at Sesame Donuts and knock back a coffee and maple bar.  Just a short walk from the finish line.

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