Friday, September 24, 2010

Wow, Time's fun when you're having flies

Well, where has all the time gone?  When last we left our intrepid runner, he was contemplating a Pikermi in July.  Well, lots of stuff happened and that isn't one of them.  First, I ran the two 10K's and kicked butt for first time runs.  Both were under an hour, so I was quite pleased with that.  I met some odd folks at one of the races in town this summer.  One of them dragged me by force into a web-site called "Runners World".  They have a place there called "the Loop".  It is half-forum half-blog site, altogether fun and supportive of those who run.  I'll come back to this, more updates....

So, shortly after my last 10K, I started pushing for doing the Pikermi.  I wasn't sure which one I was going to do, there were a couple within a week of each other, and I was divided.  Fortunately I didn't sign up for either--race fees being non-refundable and all. I got Achilles tendinitis in my right ankle.  This is not a fun injury to have.  It hurts like all get out, and worse, you can't "run through it."  The only thing you can do is rest and take care of it.  Stretch a bit and work on strengthening it when it no longer brings you near tears when you flex it.  It was a very rough July and August.  Very little running and lots of pain.

Fast forward (or backwards as the case may be) to the end of August.  There was a little run coming up in September that I *had* registered for. The Warrior Dash.  If you have an opportunity to ever do one of these, take it.  I haven't had that much fun in a long time.  It was a blast.  It was an obstacle course for adults with lots of mud, water and fire, and of course, beer.  My ankle was still mending when I did that one but it was mending so I took it easy and just enjoyed myself.  It was the most fun you can have with a group with your clothes on.

I am now mostly healed, I figure I am at about 90% on the ankle, and managed a nice couple of 4 milers this week.  I am going to try for 8 tomorrow morning, and a little easy 5K on Sunday to help fund fresh water in Zambia as a recovery run from my Saturday run.  There are other things afoot, but for right now, I am focused on getting back up to 12-14 miles in the next few weeks so I can just run this race on the 24th without having to walk.  That is my only goal on this one.  The next one, I will shoot for sub 2:00 hours, but for now, finish it, is all I ask.

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  1. Have fun in the 5K this weekend. Wish I were doing one. Your wife is a knock-out! :)