Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OK, I'll wait for you to run up the hill and put your tail down. --Moved from other site

So, this morning's 4 miler got a 30 second pause in it.  As I made my way along my normal route, I noted a little movement along the path a ways in front of me.  Now the little LED flashlight gives off enough light to see where my steps are, and to shine a driver's eyes to let them know I am on the road, but it isn't really good too far away.  So I rely on my very good night vision for distance stuff.  I recognized the shape right away.  Pole-cat!  Lovely little furball of a weasel, but with a tendency to spray when frightened.  I slow down and watch where he is going.  Well, as I approach, he stops, looks at me, turns and runs away and back across the path towards the hill he had just come down.  Why did I pause, well, he had his tail in the "Cocked and Locked" upright position, and I really didn't feel like trying to sneak into the house to get my money to go buy a shopping cart full of tomato juice smelling like fresh skunk.  He gets up into the tree-line and as I run by I can see him right at the edge watching me run.  The rest of the run was quite uneventful after that.

My heel continues to heal, and right now isn't too sore and tender.  I should be able to get a few more runs in this week. I am thinking of trying for 8 on Saturday with a nice little recovery 5K on Sunday.  I posted about it over the weekend, but since I'm not in the Middle yet, no one really noticed (except ElktonRunGirl, which was quite flattering, since I know by the time she commented I had dropped off the page).  There is a little fundraiser on Sunday in Sherwood for bringing fresh water to Zambia.http://www.runningwater5k.org  They have an interesting price structure for the race, $35 for one, $70 for up to 5.  If there are any Portland area folks who want to get together and have a fun little run next Sunday then have donuts just down from the Start/Finish line, we could put together a "team" and have a little fun.  I will be there anyway, as I like to support the local races, because then they might have more next year...  Let me know if you are interested.

Have a marvelous Tuesday.

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