Friday, September 24, 2010

No More Complaining About the New Software---This is about running.

Yesterday I did something that I never thought I would.  NO CC1 and TRF, I have 4 daughters so THAT isn't it.  I regestered the Mrs. for a race.  Specifically the Run Like Hell Portland 5K.  So she will be getting up with me on my b-day and going for a little run.  It will be her first race, and I am hoping that she has a blast.  I think the Warrior Dash put the bug in her.  We had a lot of fun after, and she and Number 1 hung out waiting for me to finish my wave, so she had a lot of time to find out how much fun it is at a race.  She has been sort of working on the Couch to 5K thing, and she is on week 6 and feeling pretty proud of herself.  She doesn't need the full "rest/walk" time to get her breathing back.  Also when she finished her first run for 20 minutes with no breaks she came home and mapped it out.  She was beside herself.  1.7+ miles.  As she points out, "I've never run a MILE non-stop in my life.  I was one of those girls in Jr. High PE that walked the whole mile."  Needless to say, I'm proud of my little woman.

Today's 4 miler felt fantastic.  I didn't tape up the ankle to see how it would do, and it was fine.  There is only the slightest amount of tightness in it right now, and I expect by noon it will have passed.  Look out 8 miler, I'm coming for you in the morning!

I will be doing that little 5K on Sunday as a recovery run;  So if anyone in the Portland area wants to come and play, let me know I will look for you.  If I know you are coming and there is more than 3 of us (up to 5) we can get in for the price of 2 and the extra we can donate to a good cause, donuts and coffee after!  ; )

See no bad mouthing the feed function that seems to track CC1 through every page in RW.  No grousing about comments made to feed items that you have to find like easter eggs.  This was ALL about running.

***Apologies to those reading this with no idea who or what I am mentioning from the other site. 

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