Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wow, fighting colds is tiring

So we are about 11 days to my first Pikermi.  I am actually getting kinda jazzed about it.  I am, however, fighting the start of a cold.  How do I know this?  My throat has that lovely scratchy feel, and I am Tired.  I didn't even here the alarm go off this morning, and I woke up just in time to get in the shower and get to work.  Not really the auspicious start to the day I was hoping for.  There are several reasons that I am getting excited for the 24th to get here, and it just isn't about me.

OK, so the first couple of things are about me.  I won't lie, it is after all, the anniversary of my getting to this planet 42 years ago.  Therefore, the question MUST be, "How old will you be when you run your first Pikermi?"  42.  OK.  Got it.  Works for me, I guess. 

So I am actually looking forward to my birthday this year.  It will actually be fun.  I get to get out of bed at 0Dark:30, eat some food with my Sister-in-law, gather up the neighbor that is running the Pikermi as well, and head out to be in Portland before 7:00 am.  On a day when I would normally get to sleep in unmolested.

The Mrs. will be getting up shortly after we leave, and she will be getting ready with another friend for them to come to Portland about an hour later than us. The reason they are coming down isn't to cheer us on, but in fact, to run their first 5Ks.  If I were in better shape, like some of the runners I know, I could be finishing about the time they start.  That is not going to happen.  We might however, be finishing about the same time, which would be kinda cool as well.

The Mrs. is ready, she wasn't sure if she would be, but she has run the distance plus a little twice now, and she still has two weeks to go to add to her confidence.  She started the Couch to 5K program in August and she wasn't sure if she could do it.  I am insanely proud of her because for as long as I have known her (over half her life) she has never been a runner in any form.  I have a gift for her that she will get on that morning, and I can't tell you because she might read this.  Probably not, but hey, why take chances.

After we get done running, we will head on back home to shower and get some rest.  We are having a very late Oktoberfest that day.  I have one keg ordered, and will be buying a lot of bottles of other beer.  There will be brats and sauerkraut, and who knows what other foods we will come up with.  We will eat and drink until we are DONE.  We have all taken the 25th off from work already.  We figure that after the race, and then after drinking until we are out of beer, we will need the recovery day.

We have two pop-up rain tents already set aside, and on Saturday, we will be decking them out with lights and speakers, and maybe a straw bale or two.  This party like the race will be held rain or shine, and we might get a visit or two by the local police.  It happens about every third or forth time we have a block party, and we are due.  So long as we don't take one of our huge steins that we bought at the dollar store across the street, and the neighbors don't complain TOO much, all they can do is tell us to keep it to a dull roar.

Like I said, I'm getting kinda excited about it.  I need to get home early today and sneak out for a little 5 mile run.  I could use it.


  1. It's going to be a great day on all counts!OK...SO is your birthday on the actual race day?! Is this Run Like Hell? I think you said so before...

    I am very excited for your wife too! She's going to love the gift and she'll have a blast at the race.
    The Oktoberfest sounds yummy. I miss hefeweizen. :P
    I LOVE bratz, polish sausage, anything you can put Kraut on and mustard ...Mmmm.!

  2. Yes, the days are in fact the same. That was one of the primary reasons I picked and signed up for the race back in the spring. How could I NOT run on my b-day? Oh, and the beer will be a nice dark porter, no wheat beer for me, too thin for my tastes. The girls will be drinking the Pyramid Apricot Ale.

  3. First - Happy b-day. We are not far apart in that department (b-day and years)-- pretty cool.

    Second - good luck to you guys!!

    Lastly, what's the address and what time??? ha ha I love dark beer and brats. I am already drooling.

  4. Yup, we're gonna party like it's 1810!!! Just head west, and if you get to the ocean you have gone too far. The party will be starting noon-ish, and will go until I can't stand, or I run out of beer.

  5. How exciting that your dw is going to run a 5K! Go her! That's fabulous. =) I'm really excited to read your RR and happy birthday to you for then too! =) I do hope your cold doesn't develop any further.

  6. Well, I actually like porter and stout too. I just can't drink pilsner. Blech. But since I don't really drink anyore anyway, I will just let you enjoy yourself! Sounds so fun!! I wish I lived closer.
    Happy birthday in advance!!!
    Sorry about the cold. Maybe try some zinc lozenges or tablets. They work well for me. :)