Friday, October 15, 2010

Shamrock Run 2011--Only 30000 Runners

Get your spots while they last!  They opened registration today for the March 13 event.  So they have the usual suspects again this year, but with all new starts to the runs.  And the finish line is a few blocks from the start line, presumably to prevent finishers from being trampled by starters as we make our way to the free beer.  Also, new long-sleeved tech shirts from Adidas for your troubles.  This is a huge fund raiser for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, so it's all good.

 I have a group of more than 4, but less than 15 already registered, 'cuz we're cool that way.  My brother-in-law, the Mrs' brother is signed up to do the 5K, his first race since '86 and he had major knee surgery almost 2 years ago.

My wife is signed up for the 8K, since she is doing a 5K in a little over 8 days, she should be able to add 2 more miles in 5 months, don't you think?  She didn't balk when I suggested it, so I went ahead and clicked the buttons.  It will be fun, and if she REALLY can't do it then, she can shift herself back to the 5K.

Her little sister and I are signed up for the 15K.  I have some completely abnormal urge to run up a long hill when I race downtown, so why should this one be any different?  It will be fun, by then I should be fully into running in the VFFs and have a nifty new form to show off, and I am thinking of adding a much much harder hill into my regular road work this winter.  Especially since CatChowder1 is going to be finding a marathon to run in Washington next spring or early summer.

If you want to sign up for the run,  Nothing like hanging out in Portland on a Sunday morning with about 29,990 strangers, plus all the rest, brings the number upwards to 50K last year, and I will bet that 2011 will be pushing 75K in the area.  Heck, I may have a new kilt by then and who wouldn't want to hang out for a beer with a guy in a kilt?  If you want to join the group let me saves a couple of bucks off the reg, and I like to suggest that people give the difference to the Doernbecher's.


  1. Is it really that big?
    Eugene Marathon was capped at 10,ooo and didn't meet it's cap. I've never been in anything that huge.

  2. I ran that hill the last time it was the Cascade Runn Off in '92ish. Gotta say I was pretty proud of myself when it was finished. I don't think I could handle that many people! Yikes! This year's PDX marathon was my largest race ever.

  3. Outing me on your blog? Sheesh. And I'll have you
    know that it was '87 for that race. Shamrock will be
    just about the 2-year anniversary of the knee, too.