Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday's Gone with the wind

And it took my 5 miler with it.  We have a couple of sick kidlettes at home, and that led to a less than ideal sleep cycle for Monday night.  I do so love waking up every couple of hours to fetch water or motrin, or whatever.  So instead of a solid 6 hours of sleep, I got most of that in four chunks.  Then, when I woke up, MY throat was sore, and I figured I could use the extra sleep, so, no run on Tuesday.  Which is OK, as that will push my long run out to Sunday, which is fine since the Pikermi will be in three Sundays from now.  I feel like I am ready to do the distance, but not set any land-speed records.

This morning, I got a bit of a late start.  Funny how 15 minutes means the difference between getting in a nice easy 5 or a slightly rushed 4.  So today's run was a slightly rushed 4.  There was no KT Tape used in today's run, though I may put some on later depending upon how my foot feels.  Right now, it is not overly happy with me.  I think my foot is looking forward to getting the first part of November off more than I am.  I need to find a hard ball to keep at my desk so I can roll out my feet when I can at work.  But, I know by noon, it will feel fine.  I just need to walk on it every hour or so for a few minutes to stretch everything out.  The nice thing is, that after the Pikermi in a few weeks, I can give my foot the time to finish healing that last 10% or so that it still needs.

Monday was my first "work out" at the Y using the ActivTrax plan.  Interestingly, they took the numbers from my "baseline" visit and the weights and reps are a fraction of the numbers from that workout.  Today will be visit two, and I am going to keep the sheets so I can watch the progression on paper as well as via computer.  The nice thing is I *get* to count my runs as my cardio, which is good, since I really don't think that adding 20 minutes on the elliptical will really add anything to my 20+ miles a week.

In other awesome news, on Monday, my Mrs. ran for 3.03 miles non-stop.  Granted this was at 13 minute or so pace, but since she has never been anything remotely considered a runner, this is huge.  She signed up to run the 5K at the Run Like Hell Portland, and was feeling like she wouldn't be able to run the whole way.  I was telling her that with her at a little over 2 miles with a month to go she would have no problems.  When I pointed out that she was .07 under a 5K on Monday she was quite happy with herself.  I will send her out again tonight to do the same loop.  She will have so much fun doing the race because she will know she can do it.  And our loops in our lovely little town are not exactly flat, but everyone that runs here regularly just excepts the little climbs and descents as just how the town and roads are and we stop thinking about it.  I am hoping that she gets that way by the end of the month, as the hills on the 5K course will not even phase her.

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  1. Fabulous about Mrs. Bumpo! With all those hills, most people would give up after the first time or two. She'll definitely be ready- and won't it be fun for you both?!
    Sorry the kids are still sick :( Those nights kill me. Sounds like we get similar sleep. My #3 woke up with me at 5 yesterday because the house got so cold. That's tricky too! I was happy he went back to sleep. Hope you get better soon, too!
    Maybe you can explain in another post why you use the KT tape. Is this an injury? I think I missed it- (sorry- I'll look at your other entries)
    You'll be ready for your HALF too :)