Monday, January 16, 2012

W3D1---Starting Over Barefoot

Today I awoke to well below freezing temps and none of the snow they had predicted.  Since running how I used to run on ice was bad, I figured I would eschew running this morning and hope that one of two things happened today. Either, we would get the snow they kept saying was coming, or we would get just enough of a warm up that the ice would melt.  Either way, my little dogs were gonna be cold.  I got home to a balmy 34* and no snow, just very cold wet pavement. I changed my clothes, slipped on my monkey feet and out the door for a nice 90 seconds run/walk 3 minutes run/walk repeat.  Since that is only 18 minutes, and ends on a walk, I added in another 90 second run and called it good.  My legs are getting used to this nonsense, and the feet are starting to as well. But, DANG!!!  My feet were bright red when I took the ol' VFF's off when I got back in.  I picked up a weight set yesterday, so I will be adding in some weight stuff as I go along to add to the crunches and push-ups.  I also bought a GoogleOffer for 20 visits to a Yoga Studio to add a little stretching and stuff to my weeks.  Since I can only swing one visit a week, this will be like a 20 weeks class for $20. I couldn't pass that up.  Also, the guy that owns the place answers e-mails before 9:00 am, which I was not expecting.

I will let y'all know how that goes...who knows, I may have to change my Couch Yogi.