Monday, January 9, 2012

Starting over W1D3...going barefoot!

So, there was an interesting little side effect noted during Sunday morning's little jaunt.  It turns out that when you are an established runner (if you have run a handful of Pikermis and a couple of marathons, you are established in your running) and you "start over" with the Couch to 5K deal, you are signing up for 9-ish weeks of speed drills.  Think about it, in week one you are running for 60 seconds with 90 second recoveries repeated 8 times.  Sounds like speed drills to me.  And they have been, I covered about 1.7 miles the first two days, but Sunday, I covered 2 miles in that same time.  Now, I know, quick math says, "big deal, that is 10 minute miles. You were doing that for an entire 26.2 miles before." Yup, you would be correct, but when you add in that 12 minutes of that time is walking, then you start to see the deal.  Next weeks, starting tomorrow, is run for 90 seconds, walk 2 minutes, run for 90 seconds, etc.  I will be interested in seeing how much ground I cover in the 20 minutes of this cycle.

Anyway, the calves are starting to get used to the work, that they are now having to do, and the push-ups and crunches are coming along.  Next is to get some dumb bells and add in some actual weight training to see if I can improve the rest of the upper body.  Don't think I want to look like the guys on the cover of the weight lifting magazines, but I wouldn't mind a little extra mass.