Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy week

And not enough running.  Actually no running at all this week.  I do have a little 5K in Portland on Sunday, the Jingle Bell Run.  Last year is was colder than the dickens and this year it looks like it will be raining.  I'll take a nice "warm" rain over the 27 degrees we had last year ANY day.  I haven't really run any distance in a month, but knocking out three point one miles should be pretty easy. It is all good.  It is for a good cause too.  Arthritis research, we need to get rid of it before it becomes a problem for me...wait, that's not right.

I need to get back on a schedule for training, but the next couple of weeks are going to be rough at work.  I have a bunch of travel to do around the state and that cuts into my running time in a big way.  Oh well, I will be in Eugene on Tuesday, so I might have to take a short excursion to see what Elkton looks like in real life.  Probably won't as I will have to be up early to get there on time and then I will want to leave as all the crying will make me depressed.

In non-running news, my Pens have taken the top spot in the Atlantic division, and the Steelers are looking to take sole possession of the AFC North by beating the Baltimore Ratbirds.  They will do this with Ben in a cast and a couple of other key players out...just because we are that cool.  This weekend will be the end of all the noise in Oregon about BCS bowls as the Ducks WILL lose to the Beavers in the Civil War game.  This will be what all the crying in Eugene will be about.

Have a good weekend all, and cheer for me on Sunday.


  1. I am registered for the Holiday 5k on the 12th. Right now, I really don't know if I will be able to even attempt it...hopefully...

    Have a great run on Sunday! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. And I know how much you LOVE 5K's. Just go and have fun, don't try to PR it or anything. I'm hoping to cheer some people on while I am running...because I know I can run 5K.

  3. Them's fightin' words!!!!
    I don't think the beavs stand a chance.

    Why are you traveling around so much for work?

    Why does your blogroll still show my blog listed as Chasing the Prize? That is so strange...

  4. Have fun in the 5K!! Will your wife also do it?

  5. ERG, I don't actually have a dog in this fight, so I mostly am rooting for the underdog, just because the guys I work with have been insufferable this year. To be able to walk into work on Monday and offer them Kleanex would rock. Otherwise, meh, don't care. I'm a Viking. As to the name on the blogroll, I have no idea. I could try removing it then adding it back in. I think you changed the name right after we left that *other* place.

  6. Have fun with your 5k. =) Hey, how's your BIL?

  7. I'm doing okay. Finished the first three stages of the AmbulanceTo5K program:
    (week 0) hospital and various procedures
    (week 1) safe at home, with lots of napping
    (week 2) out and about, longer walks, back to work

    NB had previously gotten me signed up for the Shamrock run in March. Anybody care to take bets on whether I make it?

  8. @Mr.Voodoo. LOL! So glad the Ambulance to 5k is going well. Yeah, I bet you'll make the Shamrock run. =)