Monday, December 13, 2010

This is for ALL of us (we know who we are)

This weekend was a bit crazy, but I did make it to the Nike Employee store and got some new kicks...  No I'm not bragging....well, OK, maybe a little...I got some Pegasus 27's and a pair of the Nike Run Free+ in all red.  They are way cool, and a trip to wear.  I had them on for a little bit last night and they make you feel like you need to be running.  Oh, darn.

So, I am about 85% sure I am going to sign up for the Vernonia Marathon in April.  It is cheap (by comparison) flat, and with no previous runnings, I could set the record for slowest finish!  So with that in mind, my sister-in-law sent me a link to this video:

Warning:  contains a few swear words that start with F.  So make sure the kidlettes are safely tucked away from this one.  BUT--I promise the adults will love it.

It does kinda fit... and C2, I hope this one helps as well.

The trip to the Employee store was an exercise in patience and understanding.  Some of the people there could really use some of each.  When I got there the line to get in wrapped out the door, and up the side of the building.  Good thing I had a fresh cup of coffee, they were ready for us though, they had a coffee cart set up just outside the exit doors.  The number of people with smart phones sending pictures and texts back and forth was kinda funny.  I was using mine to check football scores.  I was NOT in front of the TV watching my Steelers play the Bungles and I wanted to make sure I was able to track that game.  The line moved along and so we didn't feel like we were just standing there in the "cold".  It was about 50* Sunday morning.

Once I got to the door, I could see that the queue actually turned inside and ran along the inside wall and then back around to the check-in desk.  All told time from arrival to check-in was 30 minutes.  The gal at the desk was very nice and made sure that I was clear on what I was looking for and where I needed to go to get what, and that I had my guest pass with me at the check-out as that would be very important.  She also said that if I had any questions to just ask someone in the black t-shirts and they would be happy to help.

So into the store I went, and was suddenly wondering WHY women like to shop at all.  Really, there is nothing I like less than going to a store to get something if I don't have an EXACT item in mind.  I had a rough list, but it was contingent upon what I found in the store.  I hate that.  I looked for a long-sleeved tech shirt for me, and I finally found one that will suffice.  Then off to find the shoes for me and my neighbor.  She wanted Nike Triax, and try though I might, I could not find them at all, so a quick call and a question answer session, I had a style in mind and was now looking for her size.  I even asked one of the "black shirts" to help.  He went back to check back-stock, but alas the light blues were not to be had.  I ended up picking my third choice for her:

Then I went to grab mine.  I wanted the Pegasus, as they were the first pair of Air's I ever ran in back in the 80's and they stuck with me until I "retired" the first time, so I was going back to the future on these guys.

Next was the one that was a bit of a stretch for me...  I don't think I am cool enough to need shoes for races, but hey, you never know.  So, I looked at the Nike Free Run's.  They are some cool lookin' shoes.  And light doesn't even come close to describing these things.  The only thing I have lighter are my VFF's and well, that is because they are VFF's.  But look at these bad boys:

So, with all my loot stuffed into my handy Nike Store bag, I headed to the check-out line.  Time in store, 30 minutes.  Not bad.  Oh, wait, there is a line to get out of here.  Well, that makes sense, where is the end?  Here? Nope.
"Hey fellow Steelers fan, how are you?" 
"I was just refreshing the score, hang on a second...7 7." 
"Good, we tied it up."
"No.  NOT good.  We shouldn't have been behind them at all, especially at home."

Now, where is that line? Here it is, by all the Oregon Duck stuff, gee, this will take some time.  As I am standing there, a couple walk up looking for the end of the line, and she makes some very in appropriate statements for being in a store that is quite popular during this particular season, and SHE chose to come here on a Sunday during said season.  Her male companion just told her to not worry about it, and that he would stand in line, she could go look at other stuff.  Nice.

I sent off a text to my wife to let her know I was in line to get out, but that I thought it might take a while.  25 minutes later, I was handing my stuff to a nice young lady and was on my way out the door.  30 minutes total wait time.  Total, not including drive, 1 hour 30 minutes, or enough time for Elkton Run Girl to run a Pikermi and shoot a PSA on how not to run.  Then we went to the mall.  But, my male brain has completely erased that whole experience from memory.


  1. Still laughing my @$$ off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this video. Sorry, I can not comment on the rest of the post. When I stop laughing I will go back and read it.

  2. I like the race shoes - alas I will never be fast enough to own a pair.

  3. Sure you will. You are in Iowa, the Field of Dreams state. If you wear them, you will run! FAST! Actually, I might be kidding myself, but they looked SO cool and I just had to buy them....

  4. Can't watch the video yet...

    So did you get a major discount, or something? like it was a sale say and you got employee discount too? The triax are supposed to be great for overpronators, but I haven't ever tried them because I get a discount through my friend at adidas...Speaking of- I'll get to make a similar post soon :D

    Enjoy the free runs! I can't get away from stability. Or not willing to risk it, yet.

    Too funny about the total time. THere was a half marathon hosted at adidas this weekend, ironically (I didn't know about- maybe next year).
    Is Vernonia a full 26.2 this year? Better start running!! ;)

  5. Hahahaha! That video was awesome. =D