Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shhhh, don't tell anyone

But, I have officially slipped over the edge.  I did something today, just a few minutes ago in fact, that I used to swear I would never ever ever ever do.  Because the only people who do this are CRAZY.  The kind of crazy that requires straight-jackets, Thorazine and a long long visit with Nurse Ratched and Dr. Spivey.

So, I will cut to the chase.

It is cheap for a marathon, $81.31 including the t-shirt.  If I were a member of the ORRC, it would have been cheaper, but I'm not, and the cost of membership *could* have been added to the race cost, and given me a smaller discount, but not enough of one to be a compelling reason to sign up for membership.

I don't know about all these clubs and what-not, there is the Oregon Road Runners, this race's main group, there is Team Red Lizard---these guys seem really cool every time I meet them at a race, but I tend to run alone when I train, and I work odd hours and it would be hard to be part of the social aspect for me.  And while I could use the discounts on the races, the discounts aren't high enough to cover the cost of the clubs.  This is a lot less expensive than my going to the range and punching small holes in paper with various firearms, but it is still NOT free.  Races stack-up in a hurry, and with me wanting my wife to get in a couple (hopefully together) it adds up in a real hurry.

I guess I need a training plan, hmm, maybe I should ask ERG, she knows ALL about training plans right now.  But I will probably stick with what I've been doing.  Run, because you never know when the zombie Apocalypse will start.  I will listen to my body, and run as much as I can.  I am hopeful to have  a new gig that will start a little later in the mornings so that I can start getting in the 7, 8, 9 mile runs before work, without having to go to bed at 7:30.

C2, this one will be for you, as I know you want to be out there running.  Soon my friend, soon.  In the meantime, I need to go kill a spider, remove a beetle from a bed, clean the basement, and start working on my commitment letter to the State Hospital.  Oh, and TRF, this will be number 1.


  1. you guys are going to make me get back to regular blogging!!!

  2. Hey, if you have advice, and experience to share, we are all for it. This is our "anti-social running club". we get to share our pains, our triumphs, etc. Without all that messy direct interaction.

  3. How exciting! no one here will think you're crazy Natty-you're preaching to the choir here! =)

  4. Sounds great! I am hoping to do the half. My plan is to do the Race for the Roses the weekend before then this to become a Half Fanatic. I may have to stick around to cheer you on!

  5. Are you really planning on making a whole day out of it? That would be really cool though. I was looking at that too, but I think the Double-Pikermi is this year's goals. Well, that and the three races in Sherwood.

  6. Wowzers! Congrats on the sign up :)
    I've got you covered. Maybe..

  7. So, I will start with the lame and boring SmartCoach, because I am on week 1 as of, well, now. And I can modify and tweak it as I go. What say the masses to running twice a day for getting my distances in? I still have to be at work at 7:00 am, and while I am quicker than I was a year ago, the mileage that is listed would require me to be like the guy in the video I posted. SC has me finishing this one in 4:07, so I don't know if you will want to stick around that long jgf, but I would surely like it if you did.

  8. I always do a marathon the first weekend of May and second weekend of October. But I am seriously going to consider Veronia for a tune-up/training Marathon (its cheap and relatively close). Run two minutes or more off my goal pace for the first 20 miles and then ramp up the effort for the last six point two.

    Might even be able to bring a small contingent of other racers with me...

  9. Congratulations! WHOOOT! Have fun with that. =)

    Zombie Apocalypse!!!!

    I have nothing coherent to add.

    Except my verification word was "finge". I think that might mean something...was it giving me something and left off the R?

  10. @Danny I couldn't believe that it was that *cheap* for a marathon. I will be registering for the Portland next month, and that one is pricey. And define a "small contingent"?

    @Keeley, OR, the misplaced "R" was the second letter? And Google is making an editorial comment on us all?