Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marathon Training began(ins)

Monday morning, it was VERY clear I had not gone for a run in a while, it took me a bit over 30 minutes to get ready to go out the door.  I swear to dog it took way longer to get ready to run than the shower shave and dress for work.  And I wasn't showering or shaving.  It's not like my stuff is all over the place either, everything is within 5 feet of everything else.  Ridiculous!  Mizumo tights, shorts over (cuz I'm a little bit bashful), my spiffy new Nike LS Thermal Tech shirt, my phone, ID, BellyBand, item said bellyband was purchased for, socks and my Nikes.  30 minutes to get ready.  CRAZY

So, according to "Smart" Coach, yeah we'll see, I was to run 7 miles easy.  Heh, right.  I haven't been on the road in well over a month other than the Jingle Bell Run.  How about 5 easy, and we will call it good.  Out the door I went, iPod on and running, and now so am I!  That first mile was all I could do to get the feet moving.  I was focusing on how my feet were hitting the ground and making sure I wasn't just killing my heels on my first run.  So far so good, fore- to mid-foot strikes and feeling a little bit tired, but not too bad.

The iPod chimes in almost at the right spot "1 mile complete" and I am contemplating shaving off two miles.  But as I get further into the second mile, everything warms up and the legs and lungs remember how much fun this is.  I'm feeling good and I know that I can do the 5.  I make the corner to the park and off I head to the "2 miles complete".  Hmm she's early, I must be running slow today.  That's OK, the plan says EASY run.

I wind my way through old town and head back towards my neighborhood.  I'm still feeling pretty good.  The iPod is on shuffle so I don't have my normal reference songs to gauge my pace, so it is almost like running without.  Interesting effect.  I might have to play with this some more.  I know what my loops are, so I don't really need the rhythm of the songs to track my time on the easy runs.  This might make it easier to run slower.

As I head into the last mile I run a quick "systems check".  Ankles both fine, calves a little red from running fore-footed, but not bad.  I tuck into my final two turns and I'm feeling really happy about the 5.  It went well, and I am looking forward to Wednesday's 6 mile tempo.

I will make sure the iPod has the songs in order for that, as I know how long the songs are, and I will know if I am slow or not.  I don't have a fancy-pants Garmin to beep and buzz at every turn of a mile, so I will do it the "olde fashioned" way.  I know what 9 minute miles currently feel like thanks to the Jingle Bell run, and the 4 at tempo are supposed to be a bit under that.  No problem.

Tomorrow is another run, and I am very much looking forward to it.


  1. Remember how much better you felt after mile one of this easy run when you go do that tempo. Adequate warmups are really nice!

    i'm sorry but 30 min to get out the door is unacceptable - SOMEthing has to go!!

  2. You need to set stuff out the night before!! Don't wear the skirt backwards either.