Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dang it! I got Tagged

So I feel a mixture of "wow, really, you tagged me?" and "Wait, now *I* have to do this."  Thanks to Danny for tagging me, that has to be the best compliment I have gotten in a while.  It means that you actually read my blather and are telling others about it.  DANG.  Now I have to keep up.  Since I have today off, and the Mrs. is trying out the newly installed shower head, I have a few minutes to think about this.

1. Most fond running accomplishment of 2010.
Hmm, since this was my first year back to running regularly, that would have to be my most fond accomplishment, running.  A year ago at this time I couldn't run 10 minutes straight, let alone 10 miles.  In 2010, I ran 3 5K's; 2 10K's, a Pikermi; recovered from Achilles tendinitis, and met a Juanita who led me to join the Loop that led me back to my blog.  It has been a very busy year for my feet.

2. What are 2011 running goals?
This one is easy.  I am going to run two marathons this year.  The races that I think I will be doing this year are:  Shamrock Run 15K, ORRC Vernonia Marathon, Friar Trot 10K, Race for the Roses (Sherwood) Pikermi, CATNip 5K, Warrior Dash 5-ishK, Portland Marathon, and the Jingle Bell Run.  These are all spread out just enough to keep my feet moving and enough down time between the longer races to keep me from burning out.

3. Favorite race.
So far, I would have to say the Shamrock Run.  There is just something completely insane about running in a race that has THAT many people in it.  Last year was a shade over 21,000 and this year it will be 30,000.  Not to mention that Kells opens their tent about the time that the race finishes, so instead of Widmere Brothers beers, I can have a couple of Guiness pints, and they server breakfast in the tent as well.  If you are there and you LIKE Salmon chowder, I will happily give you mine, just ask.

4. Favorite holiday guilty pleasure.
Chex-mix.  I love the stuff.  I only eat it at this time of year, and there are people who make me some every year.  I will eat it to the exclusion of actual food.  It is my Tansy Ragwort.

5. Most embarrassing running moment.
I don't embarrass, so this one is a bit rough for me.  I have too much fun with this stuff to be embarrassed by anything as of yet.  I talk people's ears off, I cheer people on while I am running with them, I slow down and encourage people, I wear Jingle bells, and a kilt, so I don't really have one.  I'm just lucky so far.

As to the folks that I want to tag...Hmm
Anna P
JuanitaGF since this is all her fault anyway  ;-) 

I check every blog I follow for updates all the time, and I love every last one of the posts that you all make.  I look forward to the comments and the suggestions.  I hope that mine help, or at least make you smile when I am being facetious.  Please check our Danny's blog (the link is at the top of this one) he has a fair amount of info and is a good read.


  1. there's no goal for number 2, but a bunch of races. Hmmm, I'll make one for you - run until exhaustion!

  2. Pikermi... cool... learned something new today!

    My husband is all over the ChexMix, too.

    And I very much enjoy your #5!

  3. Danny--The goal is clearly stated in my warped mind...Run two marathons.

    By show of hands, who else was confused.

  4. I was. Maybe it was my lack of drugs???!!

  5. C2!!!! Welcome back. No drugs? By choice, or you just don't need them because you are so BS that drugs take you to feel better?

    OK, so the two teachers both raised their hands without thinking...who else?

  6. Sorry, I'm hitting the "Christmas Spirits" already, that should read BA....dang it...Oh, well, maybe by the time the Mrs. and the kids are back I will be ready for the Christmas Present to not be so scary.

  7. Hahaha!! I was thinking "BS...BS....what does that mean? Is that some incarnation of BA that I don't know about? Gosh you learn something new every day. I wonder what it means?"

    And then it turned out that what it meant was Natty is off his rocker. =D

    You stated clearly that you wanted to run two marathons, but that you were also going to run some other fun stuff inbetween the marathons.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Lay off the spirits. =D

  8. Tagged.... Tagged? TAGGED????? You are really tagging me?! I feel so SPE-SHUL! Thanks Natty =)

  9. Thanks for taking ERG's advice and checking out my blog! I already follow you...but you weren't on my blogroll, so now I'll be checking in more often. How come you aren't coming down to run Eugene?

  10. I haven't looked at the Eugene races due to having to bring 4 littles with me and my wife, and that would make for two rooms at any hotel which would put the race costs out of reach at this point.

  11. Sorry ...I didn't ruin anything did I? How is the pool coming along? Going swimming anytime soon? =D

  12. hey my email is in my blogger profile...if anyone looks there. I'm doing another 2x5.5mi tomorrow morning (aka running to a neighbor's feeding some animals and coming back).

  13. I will say Hi to you at the Portland Marathon! (Okay, so I'm only do the half, but still, that's HUGE for me!)