Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving reflections

This has been quite the year.  I will have to say that I am thankful for my wife, first and foremost.  Without her, very little of what I would be doing right now would be worth anything.  She has kept me sane and focused on the things that matter for the last 18 years of marriage, and for the last 20 years that I have known her.  There are many other things that I am thankful for, but she will always be first.

Second will always be my lovable hellions.  Those four girls try my patience at every turn, but without them my life would be quiet.  Sure I might have that motorcycle I've wanted since I was 12.  Sure, I might be able to take my wife on a vacation to Hawaii or Europe, but really, when all is said and done, I would much rather have them come and pile up on me in the mornings on weekends then not have them around.

This year has brought me back to running, but on my own terms.  I have run a couple of 5K's, a couple of 10K's, and a Pikermi.  This has brought about a change in my diet, I eat more bananas and peanut butter together than I used to.  I look at roads and think how hard or easy it would be to run them.  And, I had to sell my kilt for loss of weight and inches from my waist.  This is the hardest one to accept, since I really like wearing a kilt.  I will need to get a new one eventually.

The running has had some other interesting side effects.  This blog for instance.  I would like to thank all of you for reading and stopping by from time to time to share in my odd perspective of the world.  I try to stop by yours whenever I can, and I rather like visiting Tennessee and Utah, and Iowa, and Elkton, and all the other "exotic" places that these running blogs take us.

I am thankful this year, this week actually, that my wife's brother will continue to be with us.  He had a heart attack on Monday night in the snow and ice in Seattle on his way home from work.  He did it right, he collapsed in sight of a visiting doctor from Houston who started CPR right away.  Then another person, who happened to have an AED in his car stopped and lent a hand.  He is alive and well, albeit a little grumpy, and not altogether happy with the turn of events, but looking at the bigger picture.  I will take the end results, and I know his sisters and parents do as well.  JKB we would seriously miss having you around.

I know I am a guy and we don't go see doctors unless there is a REAL problem.  And I know that I don't trust/like doctors because they are always trying to take blood and give you shots. But I think that I need to go get a full physical soon.  Not just the quick and dirty yeah, you have a pulse, have a nice day model either.  I guess it is time to go get my 100,000 mile full maintenance visit done, and see what they come back with.  I do know, that thanks to running, the numbers won't be as bad as they would have been a year ago.

Have a good weekend and give hugs to all those you are thankful to have in your life, if you can.


  1. Nice post. Glad to see your wife is at the top of the list and the kids later. They will truly appreciate that and ex[ect the same from their spouses one day!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! Go GET that physical! You should pass with all the running you've done. Glad your BIL is doing OK now. hug your girls- you ARE rich :)

  3. Glad to hear that the BL is ok. You are a lucky man - sounds as if you know that to be true.

  4. Thanks all... can't say I'm exactly okay, but am up and going. Now we know why training for the run last month hit such an abrupt limit. Also now I have a bottle of nitroglycerine. You never know when that'll be useful.

  5. You have four girls? Wow, you have a houseful of girls and I have a houseful of boys. How fun is that? =)

    It's probably important that you get a new kilt fairly soon.

    Oh my!!! I hope your BIL recovers soon - poor chap!

    Yes. Get your physical, dammit. Every year. Because you love your wife and daughters and they need a healthy husband/daddy. Overcome your admittedly logical distrust of doctors (though I must admit all the ones I've come across in TN have been fabulous) and look after yourself.

    Oooh, looks like Mister Voodoo is your BIL. Hey Natty's BIL! How's it goin'? =)

  6. Thanks ! You certainly have more confidence in me than I do- but I am starting to get it. I know there is a cap to improvement and I hope I haven't hit it yet. You also are awarded 1600 points today. tally your own points. :)

    I checked out the vernonia HM. I think JGF has done that one. ?