Thursday, November 11, 2010

November just isn't my month****Updated

I have been fighting a cold all week. It is sitting right at the verge of being a real cold, or going away, and has been since Friday.  This got me thinking about last year at this time.  I had signed up for the Jingle Bell 5K and it was to be the finish race for my Couch to 5K program.  I ended up fighting a cold at the start of the month, then there are those pesky familial obligations at the end of the month, and I didn't get a run in at all the entire month.

I am actually OK with this year being a bad month for running, as I am basically resting the ankles right now anyway, but it sure is annoying.  I have been taking Airborne every few hours, and last night as I was opening a new bottle of Lemon-Lime, I got to wondering if an Airborne margarita would be any good.  I might have to find out since they don't seem to make the Nighttime product anymore.


I can now tell you, to make sure that you salt the rim on your Airborne Margarita.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't that much different than just doing a large maybe I should have had a lime and some salt standing by.  But, I think in about another hour I will take another and send myself to bed.  Isn't that the normal prescription, "Take two of these and call me in the morning?"



  1. Not sure about the airborne margarita, lol :) but i would try some zinc or zinc lozenges. They work well for me, anyway. Hope you feel better soon!
    Get better and you could still do that jingle bell 5K. You'd probably have a blast this year at it and blow away your old time.

  2. I would hope that I could beat my time from last year, it was well over 30 minutes. But, no, not entered this year. I have too much stuff to take care of the next 4 weekends and I am still resting the ankles.

  3. Best wishes to feeling better.