Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday's non-running musings

So, I think from now on, I will post some musings about different sports on Fridays.  Just because it is my blog, and only three people read it anyways.  Hi TRF.

So the first thing I will muse about is, how fast NASCAR has gained and LOST popularity.  They WERE a huge ratings grabber a couple of years ago, now they don't even crack the top 50 for the weekend.  Good luck to Jimmy Johnson on your quest for 5 straight titles.  You have two weeks to make up 33 points.

Second, speaking of ratings, Dances With The Stars is insane.  They get better numbers than ANY show on TV right now.  They pulled in about 20% of all TVs that were ON on Monday.  By comparison the next best block of shows is NCIS, CSI, and Grey's Anatomy and they pull in 14% regularly.  With that much pull, we will be stuck watching ballroom dances on prime time for a while to come yet.  Plus there is no shortage of "celebrities" to come dance.  I heard that next year, in keeping with the popularity of Bristol Palin, that they will be asking Monica Lewinsky to dance next year.

Third, I am very happy the Atlanta Falcons put together a great game last night and beat the nasty Baltimore cRavens.  My beloved Steelers will show Mrs.(?) Brady how a real defense plays on Sunday night---even though I will be driving home from Seattle during the ENTIRE game, and will have to "watch" via cell phone.  This will put us at the top of the AFC North--the only true division of real teams in the NFL--and make tie-breakers tougher for the other teams.

Lastly, this is the only time of year that I regret not having cable, or satellite TV.  The first part of the NHL season is not broadcast, so I look forward to February when the Sunday Night Games return.  But I do check on the web to see how different teams are fairing, and all I have to say on the current standings is:  WOW, it must cost the Flyers a LOT of money to pay off that many opposing teams goalies in order to be scoring that many points on quality teams.  I mean they aren't the Caps who get to play Florida every couple of weeks.

I hope no one gets catty about this post.  Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Only three?? Heck that's five more than me!

    As for tv -- I only watch about 60 minutes a week; consistantly. Is Nascar still around? I thoughtthat they died with Indy car? ha ha

  2. Maybe I should just sell my tv. That computes to watching 8.66667 minutes a day for the entire year. I need to break th habit of watching so much tv.

  3. Definitely you could lose the TV. I pitched one out the window in '86 and it was my wife that made me "replace" it in 94. I think I watch about 6 hours a week tops.

  4. I have no comments, just wanted to give you a shout out and let you know I am reading too!

  5. Am I R?

    I just want to see how long you and C2 will keep chatting publically. Please don't go email- I would get bored. :)

    I kindof wish we had TV. It stinks when the internet downloads for CBS are all choppy. And I think hubby would like to see some of the games. It's probably good that I don't have it though. It would be on non-stop and I would never blog or run. =D

  6. spelled publicly wrong. Rrg.

  7. ERG-- No, I am giving TexasRunningFool a bad time since she never comments on here, but she is always lurking. Such an un-ladylike trait.

    Also, like C2, I am using self-deprecating humor to note that I clearly have more people reading my blog than I ever thought would be interested in it. Mostly I think I can attribute the additions to you. Of course the real blame for anyone reading this is JGF's. When is she getting back from France? If it wasn't for her, I would have never found the Loop, then if not for Pluck, I would have never come back to here, resurrecting this blog and having such fine individuals start following it. I will admit to having left some "bait" for one person specifically who reads this thing nearly daily. We shall see if they take it. ;)

  8. Hmm. Deep thoughts.

    well. It is safe to say JGF is back. unless she moved there. :) If TRF is lurking here, she might as well blog too!

  9. I am here. Just been seriously busy! I have been keeping up on Facebook, but blogging took a back seat for a bit. I shall be bloggin again soon!!

    As for TV, ours is on for hours a day. Sports, music, HGTV, etc... Our residents watch a lot, but we like the cable channels for specific music genres as well.

  10. Wait...if only three people read your blog how come you have ten comments? LOL @ C2Iowa "That's five more than me." =D
    That's so awesome you don't have cable or satellite tv. I wish we didn't.
    Meow. =P

  11. The Falcons???? I can't talk. My Cowboys this season? Not so much.

  12. My Steelers didn't show up to play on Sunday.