Monday, October 12, 2009

No workouts

No workouts over the weekend or this morning. We woke up on Saturday to 1of4 complaining of a headache and a slight fever. So I took 2of4 and 3of4 to the local Onion Festival, and watched 2of4 dance. Then went out for lunch. I didn't want them hanging out at home with their big sister feeling bad and them running around the neighborhood. Sunday came and 1,2 and 3 are hot to the touch and feeling droopy, as an added bonus the Mrs. wasn't feeling good either. So, I worked a short day, and kept an eye on everyone. Last night, everyone was feelin' down and not at all up to speed. A little motrin and off to bed with everyone early. I ended up dosing each one late in the night, which is why no workout this morning. I was up three times last night, and only got about 4 hours total sleep. Not what I was looking for. I just hope that 4of4 can skate by this round of the flu. I don't need the stress of having a baby sick.

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