Thursday, July 29, 2010

Running "Alone" a question to all --Moved from other site

So, this has been brought up a couple of times in passing, and I think that this is the normal, "I don't want to offend anyone" approach, but I'm a rabble-rouser.  The question really came to the fore this morning as I was getting my normal load ready for my short weekday run.  I get my shorts and a white tech shirt on, and get my cell phone out of its normal during the day case, and strap on my BellyBand holster and slide my .357 into its place, slide my phone into one of the "Extra Magazine" slots, get the Nano set-up and adjust the volume so I can hear things coming up the road and just make out the words in my ears, slide my ID into my pocket, and off I go.
I have read the whole list of articles about not running alone, and I just don't have a choice.  All of my neighbors that run don't have to be at work at 7:00, so I go way before they are even up, and a couple of them get out the door by 5:40.  I see them when I am heading back in.  I always silently say, "I'm not running alone, I have a running partner, the late William Ruger, and I head out all the time together.
So my question is, do you carry, and if so why?  I run in a safe town, we just have coyotes and the occasional other critter that might need some dissuasion that I am not actually breakfast.
As for my run this morning, it was great.  The Nike+ and the nano, are now officially nuts, as my mapped route this morning was 5.1, and they are swearing I only ran 4.55.  I haven't done the math yet for this one, but it was just a bit over 46 minutes.  I want to get about 1 minute faster before my birthday, so now that my foot feels much much better, speed drills are in my future.  Yea!?!?

 OK, so from my house, if I go out 1/4 mile, I lose all street lights and drop into farmland with lots of cows goats, horses and chickens.  I tend to be a little paranoid--OK a LOT paranoid.  As for chafing or rubbing, the bellyband holds the firearm nice and snug.  It actually bounces less than my water belt.  As for extra weight, how many go out with a fuel belt full of water and not give that any thought?  25 extra ounces isn't much, but then I saw a guy this morning in a weight vest that looked like it might weigh 20 lbs. Also, see I am a rabble-rouser.

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  1. You run packing heat?? :) Considering I run with a knife, who am I to judge! LOL!