Thursday, July 22, 2010

First run in 12 days---Moved from other site

So this morning at 4:30 I rolled out of bed, drank my FRS (I pre-make it the night before so that I can give it the "full 30" before I actually start running) and contemplated if I really wanted to give the heel a go.  See, 12 days ago I went for that nice 10 mile long run, and pulled up at 3.  My heel was killing me by the end of the day.  I asked here, and got some good advice.  I went to the running store and tried the new version of my current shoe.  OH MAN, did that feel good.  I could tell that given my slim 185 lbs that my shoes were not going to make it to 300 miles unless I change my foot-strike.  I will start working on that as soon as I can get a pair of VFF's.  I rested, iced and IB'd my foot for a week, and then just kinda let the lazys take me the first part of this week.  Those damn lazys are hard to beat.  But, I got up, got dressed, tucked my phone in my belly-band and headed out the door a little before 5.  I figured a light easy 4 miler would be a good test of both the new shoes and the heel.  Both were up to it, and I thought about adding one more to go 5, but figured that I shouldn't push it.  I will go for a nice 7 or 8 on Saturday morning before work, and then get back to a regularly scheduled program.

 The worst part of the whole thing is it killed my Pikermi plans for the 1st.  I could no more climb the trails for that race right now, than I can fly.  That is OK, though, I will train for the one on my b-day in October.  I want to work on hills more anyway, so it is all good.  I was looking at my running log, and I need to bump my weekday runs in length, so it is a good thing that I got hurt.  A little set-back may be just what I needed to get me to focus on cross-training and getting faster.

 I am looking forward to trying out the VFF's if I can find them.  REI is out, and they have no replenishment schedule.  So I will be calling a couple of the other stores that carry them to see if they have them.  I am wanting to run with my wife wearing those at night to force me to change my foot strike.  She is trying the Couch to 5K thing and it would be a great way for me to get intervals in wearing those while she gets up to running speed.

All in all, it was a great morning.  I feel better for having had my run, and am happy my heel is better.  I should probably still see a Dr. about it, but, hey, it ain't fallin' off, so it must not be that bad.

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