Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I blame you all! ---Moved from other site

So, I started running for real in January, I have run a 5K, a couple of 10K's, and am planning on a Pikermi on my birthday this year when I turn 42.  That idea came from Team Pikermi showing up on Facebook.  That concept of the name change because the race is a REAL race in itself and not part of something rang true with me.  So I joined Team Pikermi, I think even before I ran my first 5K, I'd have to go look.  Nope, just after. 

I was happily cruising along, running in the mornings by myself getting stronger and able to run longer, and enjoying it.  Then I go and look some training plan up, and I end up having to register at Runner's World in order to print it off.  Rats. That was the beginning of the end of my sanity.  I read a couple of blogs while I was here that first day, and then forgot about it.

 Then at the second 10K, with a start just a mile from my home, I run into juanitagf wearing a Team Pikermi sweatshirt.  I talk to her for a few minutes and she asks me if I am on here.  I said that I was and wasn't.  I told her that I thought I probably was as I had to register in order to print something off.  She went off to do her warm up and then I chatted briefly after the race.  She had had a good day, and said she would be blogging about it.  Intrest piqued, I logged on and looked for it.  A couple of days later, there it was, and I was mentioned.

Now I am hooked.  I come in daily and read about other nutters who get up too early, or go running after work.  And now my two neighbors are trying to talk me into the one race I said I would never do.  A marathon.  And YOU GUYS are helping their cause.  You evil rotten people.  Talking about BQing, and getting finisher medals and shirts.  Making me want to be part of that club...   How dare you wear down my normally high resistance to peer-preasure and the like.  Now I am secretly planning next years attack at the Portland Marathon.  How bad is this infection you have given me...I know I need to run 7:18's in order to BQ.  You Bastards!  How dare you make me part of your crazy!  So, now we will see how this goes.  I have even acquired a pair of VFF's to help improve my form...AGAIN, Bastards...getting into my head... I could name you all as accomplices in this.

Oh well, there are worse addictions, and at least you haven't tried to convince me to TRI.

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