Monday, July 12, 2010

A little advice wanted please---Moved from another site

So, I started running on a regular basis back in January of this year.  I have been doing OK in the aches and pains department.  Saturday was to be a nice easy 10 mile long run.  It has been warmer here than I like, and I got out about 8:30 am.  By mile 3 I was done.  I walked the last bit home, my loops keep me not more than 1/2 mile from my house as a crow flies, and by the time I got to the house my right heel was killing me.  I've got about 240 miles on a pair of Nike Zooms and I don't think they are done, but they could be.  I'm not the lightest runner in the world coming in at about 185.  So, here it is on Monday, and the heel still hurts, which may really mess up my Pikermi plans for August 1.  Now for my two questions.

 Question 1: how long should I give my heel to stop hurting before I go see a Dr.  Keep in mind, I am male, and, "if it ain't falling off, it ain't hurt" is how I function.  It was over two years before I had a hernia looked at, let alone fixed.

 Question 2:  I've been hearing a lot about the VFF's and there seem to be more than a few of you Loopers that seem to be sold on them.  Have those that have run in them for a  while gotten any results with regards to race speed or the length of the runs they can now do?  I am thinking about getting a pair and then paying for a babysitter to get my wife re-starting the Couch-to-5K with me running in the VFF's to get up to speed with the different foot strike, and her into running.  I would still do my "other" runs the other days of the week, but this might be a solution to Q1 in the long run.

 Thanks for your time, and I have enjoyed reading the posts I have read from others.

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