Sunday, April 25, 2010

It has been a long week

Well, I got in a couple of runs since my last post.  I ran a four miler on Wednesday that I felt OK during.  The ankle is a little weak and sore yet, but there isn't much to do but keep icing it down, taking some Advil from time to time, and keep doing leg lifts on just that foot.  I know that it is a strength and stretching issue, so that is what I am working on with that foot.  It actually isn't feeling too bad today.

Yesterday, I did a nice slow 5 miler.  Considering that I took two weeks off while I am supposed to be building up to two 10K's 5 miles is pretty major.  I will try much harder to get to the gym starting this week.  I need to get some cross-training in to help rehab the ankle, and working with actual weights will help.  My plan is to be at the Y at least three times a week, and go running three times a week.  I need to get to 6+ miles in about 2 weeks, so I think that will be my goal for this week's long run and next weeks as well.  I may actually map out the two races coming up and just "run the races" before the race.  Since they both go by my house, I don't need to start off by going somewhere to start from.

If I can get my ankle to stop hurting every time I finish a run, I will add in a day of wind sprints at the track.  It is an easy mile jog to the track, do a mile or two of intervals, and then a nice slow jog back home.  That should help the ground speed a bit.  I just need to get this ankle strong enough to take that kind of pressure.  Well, time for me to go do some more leg stretches.

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