Monday, May 9, 2011

How to pick your race....

I posted a few months ago that I was looking forward to running the three races in Sherwood this year.  This is because I can walk to the start/finish lines.  I like to support my local races and they were fun last year, and I see no reason for this year's races to be any different.  HOWEVER, sometimes things get "picked for you".  This year, and maybe for many to come, I have a new race to run.  I joked about this race last week because I just can't see the name 10 Cane Rum without seeing "iocane" from the "Princess Bride".  BUT, there is another reason to run this race....their beneficiary; the Children's Cancer Association.  The reason this becomes even more of an importance, is that there is a tiny little girl that is fighting this horrible, terrible, insidious disease.  Her families story can be found here:

So, after you read this, if you are in need of a race in the next couple of weeks, and it hasn't sold out. There is a group of people that are trying to help families with wee little ones that are fighting this.  I will be running the 10K and my three oldest will be doing the Tiki 1K Run.  This little one's big sister is in Number 3's kinder class, and I can't imagine in anyway shape or form what they are going through, but I am going to do what I can to help.  And since, the CCA helps not just my local connection, but any little one up there, they are a GREAT cause to support.  I don't get choked up too easily, but I can't read this blog...I have to have my wife do it, and give me recaps.  OK, so my Aussie friend would call me a "sook", in this case, I'll take it.

Sorry if you were looking for snappy, and humorous or whatever it is that I write that the 28 of you follow me for, but for this one thing.  I'm gonna have to go with sober.



  1. So that is what the "rum run" is all about? ??

    I get the iocane Don't try to fool a cicilian. ;)

  2. And I have spent YEARS building up an immunity to iocane rum.

    Which is good, because we get both a beer and a mojito at the end!

  3. One of your fellow Oregonians must've posted about that Rum Run, cuz I remembered their website.

  4. Cancer beyond sucks.

    If I lived closer, I would do it in a heartbeat.

  5. I wish that I were close enough to do this run. I must be slow - dont get the "Princess Bride" reference. Oh well.

    Will be thinking about the 10k run as it takes place.

  6. I was seriously about to do this one, and I wish I could especially since it is for a good cause. But as it is, I think I'm on a mini running hiatus until I regain function in my knee. :(

  7. If I lived closer I would SO be there. good for you for supporting a great cause!

  8. Your Aussie friend would not call you a sook for being emotional about kids fighting for their lives. Aussies would call what you're doing heroic. And be proud of you AND your girls for doing their part too.

    And I reckon if they're going to let you drink your way through the run, well that just makes you a legend.

    Mona xx