Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crazy is defined as....

Signing up for a race that is 12 months and a bit away.  Seriously, at 1:50 am on Saturday I mean Sunday morning I signed up for my third inaugural event.  How in the heck can I find new, never run before races more than once or twice?  I'm seriously thinking this is kinda cool.  I missed the Fueled by Fine Wine run last year, which ended up being fine since I was laid up with a bum ankle.  But, so far this year, I have nailed the first ever marathon from Vernonia to Banks put on by the ORRC.  And in a month the first ever Pikermi in Sherwood, for the Run for the RosesLike them on Facebook and if they hit 500 some lucky two people get in for free!

So this new race?  The Rock And Roll Portland Pikermi.  OK, so they still haven't gotten the memo that the 13.1 mile race is now called the Pikermi.  They will get on board eventually.  Anyone who signed up on Sunday got a nice price on the entry, and all of us that sign up between the 1st and the 20th *One Day and One Year Out registrants will receive a special tribute bib for being the First to Rock Portland.  So it is all about the "I signed up before you" appeal!!!  Hehe, since when is a bib bling?  Oh, I mean besides my Number 1 bib from last years Friar Trot, cuz that was just cool.  Yup, signed up for it a full 385 days ahead of the race.  Fortunately, I know I'm not the only one to do so.

So, now what am I gonna do about THIS May though?  My friend wants me to do the Rum Run, and I would bet my life on the name of that rum...or at least that is how it looks to me.  So, between a mojito and beer, or Danny's challenge, or supporting a local church charity.  What should I do.  I can't really afford to do all three, car bombs run about $8 a piece at the tavern.  Plus, according to my training schedule I am supposed to do an 18 mile long run that weekend.  SO, do two 10K's on separated days, plus a third while drinking copious amounts of beer and booze equal 18?  I might be glad I don't have a job on the following Monday, as I fear I would be in NO shape to move after that much fun.

Training for October's run is going along nicely, my coach is having motivation issues, and I am having to get her off her tookus and running so that when we start doing LONG runs that she is up for it.  We will also have to figure out a water refill spot on those days.  Perhaps it will be time to enlist our kids and spouses on those days.  I am hoping to do a lot better job of being healthy and ready for the Portland marathon than I was for the Run Like Hell last year.


  1. I think if you cut back on the massive amounts of garlic your family consumes, you would be able to afford all three ;-)

    And can you give me the pronunciation of "pikermi"? I keep thinking "Pie-ker-mee"... is that correct?

    Glad your training is going well :) And thanks for entering my peeler contest!

  2. Sounds as if you have a plan in the making. Time to execute. There is no way I (meaning me personally) would miss a RUM RUN. I wonder what the hydration stations will be handing out? Cpt. Morgan or something more interesting???????

  3. I woke up at 4am Sunday morning for the Eugene Half, and before I even had my shoes on I was registered for Portland RnR next year! I didn't even know about the special bib until later!

    I saw "rum" in front of run and had click! I can't NOT click on something with a name like that!

  4. I vote for you to do the RUM RUN. I mean even I am now seriously considering doing it. I don't have a race that weekend yet.

  5. XL--According to the team: http://www.teampikermi.com/
    it is pronounced pee-KER-mee.

    C2, the rum sponsor is 10Cane.

    Fly--I think that will be the race of the weekend, and perhaps the following week will be the neighborhood 100 ounce 10K challenge. I just mapped out a course, but I might require knee pads and wrist guards for the entrants.

  6. Thanks for the follow :) I follow you now, too.

    I really do live in Chehalis. I've lived here or very close my whole life. My brother just got married and had some of his wedding pics taken in front of the library. We are in desperate need of some running events closer to this town. I'm thinking of doing the Run For The Roses, too.

  7. So you've a whole year to build up a tolerance for 10cane poisoning.

  8. I wanted you to know how much I LOVE reading your comments :) I never know if people will come back to the post and read if I respond there, so I'm letting you know here! I keep meaning to email you about this but get hung up trying to deal with blogs on my not-so-smart 'smartphone' :P